Ride Stats for May

Not quite sure how I managed to do 900.3 miles this month, when I didn't touch the bike for the first five days due to illness. Not bad though considering I'm spending pretty much seven days a week behind a desk revising at the moment. Last weekend's BUCS road race proved perhaps a challenge too far, being an E.1.2.3 level race (see the race report on the blog homepage), but I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do in three weeks' time when I'm back down racing at home.


  1. Nice new look. bloody good mileage too. I only managed 437 in May and that included 112 on the Fred Whitton! (must get out and ride more)

  2. Thanks mate, the mileage for June is looking pretty poor at the moment if that is any consolidation, I'm stuck inside revising almost 12 hours a day. I'll be finished in two weeks time though, so hopefully get out on the bike a bit more then. The Fred Whitton is definitely on my list of rides to do, it looks fantastic. You should try one of the Isle of Wight sportives as well if you fancy a bit of climbing (although nothing like the Fred Whitton!).


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