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Book Review - 'Eat. Race. Win.' By Hannah Grant

Hannah Grant has fast become one of my idol chefs. I love good simple food, and I also love bike riding - riding far, and riding fast. Hannah's recipes combine the two adorations perfectly; great, simple food, made to be the perfect fuel for endurance sport. 'Eat Race Win' is her latest book release.

'The Grand Tour Cookbook' was the first cycling-orientated recipe book released by Hannah Grant. I reviewed it back in 2015 (read the review here), and it would be accurate to say that it has become an almost biblical reference whenever we are looking for tasty and wholesome dishes in our household.

'Eat. Race. Win.' is the sequel to 'The Grand Tour Cookbook', and provides a whole new bank of superb recipes to try.

The book is beautifully illustrated, and with some interesting and inspiring insights on both cycling and cookery. This is a cookbook worthy of being placed on your coffee table.

The recipes themselves are the real talking point though... w…

Review - Aussie Grit Off-Road Bike Apparel

The Aussie Grit range of off-road bike shorts, jerseys, gilets and jackets is the brainchild of Australian F1 driver Mark Webber, who has always held a passion for mountain biking and high-level design. It is premium quality apparel, created to excel at providing both comfort and performance out on the trails.

I have been testing out three clothing pieces from the Aussie Grit range: the Flint Thermal Bike Gilet, the Flint Bike Shell Jacket, and the Flint Men's Bike Shorts.

Despite the time of year, and that two of these garments are foul/cold weather kit, I have managed to get a decent bit of time in the saddle wearing them, and I have been impressed by the quality and design.

Aussie Grit Flint 2018 Men's Bike Shorts Review 'Baggy' cycling shorts are tricky to get right. Some brands go for tough and durable fabrics, but at the expense of the clothing feeling cumbersome and overly warm in the summer months. Others go for super lightweight materials, but with the compr…

Review - Juice Lubes Dirt Juice No Nonsense Chain Cleaner / Degreaser

Juice Lubes produce some great bike cleaning and lubricant products. With the summer heatwave finally giving way to showers, and subsequent mud, I have been making use of the new Dirt Juice No Nonsense Chain Cleaner to get my drivetrain back to sparkling cleanliness.

To make the most of this powerful degreaser, I have been using it in conjunction with two of Juice Lubes' other cleaning products: the 'Scrubber From Another Mother' cleaning brush, and the 'Dirty Little Scrubber' chain cleaner.

The thing about good chain lubes, is that they are designed to 'stick like s**t' to the chain, because that way their lubrication properties last longer. The problem with that is that it requires a strong degreaser to remove the caked-on lubricant once it is time to start afresh. Luckily, the No Nonsense Dirt Juice Chain Cleaner has proven to be as strong as they come...

First I treated the chain by filling the 'Dirty Little Scrubber' up to the recommended fill…

Review - Crank Brothers Eggbeater 3 Mountain Bike Pedals

I have tried and tested the majority of mountain bike pedals on the market today: from the reliable and cheap Shimano M520, to the innovative and expensive Look S-Track. To date though, I have yet to try the Crank Brothers offering. The Eggbeater has always intrigued me, and I recently had the chance to test and review it. This is my feedback...

The Crank Brothers Eggbeater 3 pedal is the lightest mountain bike pedal on the market today, and yet it boasts 4-sided entry and a high pedal-to-shoe contact area. It achieves this through the unique compact spring design; which allows the cleat to engage with the pedal in the recess of the shoe's lugs, whilst the tread lugs themselves stand firmly on the axle of the pedal either side of the spring.

The minimalist design is created to not just be lightweight, but also highly effective at shedding the mud and debris that might build up on a bulkier pedal. This makes the design highly attractive to mountain bikers, cyclocross riders, and …