Life In The Saddle is one of the top independent cycling blogs (ref.). Authored by endurance cyclist Tim Wiggins, it showcases his racing and rides, as well as featuring product reviews, advice, and inspiration for cyclists of all levels and disciplines.

Tim started riding bikes from an early age. He has raced, commuted, and toured on all manner of machines, in locations all over the world. Read his full 'Riding Résumé' here.

To find out more about specific areas of Life In The Saddle, check out the links below:
  • Advice - helpful hints and tips for all areas of cycling
  • Inspiration - the best photos, videos, and ideas from cycling adventures
  • Nutrition - helpful pointers and recipes for a cyclist's diet
  • Reviews - product reviews for new, interesting, and innovative cycling products
  • Adventures - the most adventurous rides undertaken to date
  • Sponsors - supporters of Life In The Saddle

Life In The Saddle is a showcase of the diverse and interesting experiences that can be had on a bicycle. Here are five recent examples of editorial pieces:

#7Countries7Passes - 3000 kilometres from Denmark to Andorra, with 42,000 metres of climbing, over some of the highest mountain passes in Europe. This was self-supported bike touring at its best.

#5MaratonasChallenge - A self-made challenge to ride the five historic routes of the Maratona dles Dolomites over five consecutive days. 873 kilometres with 28,300 metres of climbing.

The St. Boniface Down Everesting - The idea of an 'Everesting' is simple: climb the height of Everest (8848 metres) in one ride, on one climb. A mammoth charity focussed hill-repeat challenge.

Kit to Climb Mountains - Advice on the kind of clothing recommended for taking on alpine cycling.

Coffee - The 'Life Blood of Cyclists' - A fun read, reviewing the close connection between cycling and caffeine.


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