7 Tips - Workshop Focus - The Ultimate Winter Bike Clean

This winter, keep up with your bike cleaning. It might be a chore, but the Ultimate Bicycle Valet Kit from Muc-Off, will help to make it much easier.

Winter is tough on bikes… mud grinds away at components; water washes away grease and lubricants; road salt eats away at metal parts. The only solution is regular bike cleaning. Your wallet, and your sanity, will thank you for it in the longer term; components will last longer, and they are less likely to adopt creaks and groans after a few months of abuse.

The Ultimate Bicycle Valet Kit contains all the things that you need to do a full clean and re-lube of your bike.

Here is a 7 part step-by-step guide on how to clean your bike with Muc-Off:

1 - Drivetrain degrease

First of all, remove the worst dirt and grime - the dried on chain lube, which holds grit and salt.
- Use the Muc-Off spray-on degreaser: spraying the whole length of the chain, the chainrings, cassette, and jockey wheels.
- Leave for a few minutes and then agitate all areas with the claw brush and plastic hook
- Thoroughly rinse all degreaser from the chain and components

2 - Wheels and tyres

Next, clean the muck and brake dust from the wheels and tyres.
- Spray Muc-Off Bike Cleaner onto the wheels and disc brake rotors
- Using the Muc-Off Components brush, and rotating the wheel slowly, scrub the entire surface area
- Rinse away the muck

3 - Frame, handlebars and forks

Finally, a softer touch for the frame and fork
- Spray some Muc-Off Bike Cleaner onto the Micro-Fibre Sponge, and go over the whole bike frame, fork, handlebars and seatpost/saddle
- Rinse thoroughly

4 - Dry

Remove all surface water from the bike.
- Using an old bathroom towel, dry the frame, fork and components
- Use a second old towel to remove all water from the chain and drivetrain components

5 - Shine

Restore the glisten to your bike's frame, and help dirt to slide off, using the Muc-Off Microfibre Polishing Cloth.
- Spray a little on to the frame and polish with the cloth (do not use the spray near braking surfaces!)

6 - Protect components

Add a water-repellent layer to components.
- Spray a little Muc-Off Bike Spray onto an old lint-free rag, and wipe over components (do not wipe braking surfaces)
- Briefly run the chain through the soaked rag, to help provide a protective water-repellent finish.

7 - Re-lubrication

In the Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Valet Kit there is both Muc-Off Wet Lube and Muc-Off Dry Lube; use the correct one for your riding conditions. Wet lube is best for harsh wet conditions, where a lot of spray is encountered. Dry lube is preferable for any conditions where grit, sand or mud might try and stick to the chain.
- Apply a drop of lubricant to each individual chain roller, as you slowly rotate the chain backwards.
- If you are using Dry Lube, allow the wax-based lubricant to dry on the chain for an hour or so (or overnight).

That's it… Go Ride!


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