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Review - Compressport Compression Socks and Sleeves

Compression clothing boasts a number of potential benefits, from improved performance to better recovery and a reduced chance of injury. The true effectiveness of compression clothing depends on a lot of design factors though. The compression clothing range from Swiss brand Compressport features some of the most effective products that I have tried to date. In this review, I am looking specifically at the Compressport V2.1 Full Length Socks, and the Compressport Full Leg Compression Sleeves. Compressport V2.1 Full Socks The Compressport Full V2.1 Socks are designed to be the only compression socks you will ever need. Whether you are wearing them for recovery, running, travel, or everyday, they feature a multitude of design considerations that aid both comfort and performance. The most important thing with compression clothing is that they do compress your muscles; promoting blood flow to and from your extremities. Compressport use a very detailed sizing chart to ensure that

The #WildWight Challenge - 'A Challenge Too Far... This Time'

Life is nothing if not a series of challenges. Challenge keeps you alive and kicking: pushing boundaries and training hard, so you can kick down doors that would otherwise be left firmly shut. One of the hardest parts of a challenge though, is gauging where to set the bar. Too high, and you won't achieve. Too low, and it isn't truly a challenge. The #WildWight was an adventure challenge of a new kind; for both myself, and for my trek buddy Fraser. It was ambitious… 114 kilometres of fast walking over two days, with a lot of elevation. I have done long treks, but nothing quite to this level. It was achievable, but unfortunately on this attempt it proved to be a bar too high… We began at 06:30 at Ryde Pier. The sun was coming up, and a strong westerly wind was immediately in our faces as we turned onto the Coastal Path that we would follow for the duration of the day. Past Quarr Abbey, through Wootton, and onwards to East Cowes. The time past quickly as we chatted abo

Review - Topo Athletic Hydroventure Trail Running Shoes

This weekend I took on our self-made #WildWight challenge, and my shoe of choice for the ultra-distance trail run/hike was the Topo Athletic Hydroventure trail running shoe. The Hydroventure is the world's lightest fully-waterproof trail running shoe. It uses a single-layer eVent waterproof membrane with a breathable upper mesh and lining, for a lightweight shoe that doesn't feel at all like most rigid and bulky waterproof trail running shoes. On the sole, the Hydroventure features a multi-directional lugged traction rubber outsole, with a full-length rock plate to protect against stone bruising. An EVA mid-sole then helps to provide cushioning, and a 3 mm heel to toe drop gives a stable and reassuring step. We covered 33 miles in one day on our #WildWight challenge, and despite hot conditions the Hydroventure performed very well. The breathable material allowed my feet to remain dry and comfortable, while the sole provided traction on a real mix of on and off-road te

Gearing Up For The #WildWight Challenge

This weekend I have a challenge of a different kind. No bike. Instead, I am taking on a two-day 114km fast-hike around the perimeter coastal path of the Isle of Wight, wild camping en-route. This is a challenge that I have always been keen to try, and the opportunity presented itself this summer, as a close friend was also up for the challenge. I will write up a post-challenge blog post, but as a pre-challenge teaser, here is the kit that I am carrying for the run/walk challenge... Thule Stir 35 Rucksack Vaude Lizard GUP 1P Tent Vaude Rotstein 200 Down Sleeping Bag Vaude Sleeping Pad Vaude Thermal Seat Cushion/Pillow OMM Kamleika Race Jacket Adidas Terrex Polartec Windshell Adidas Terrex Merino Tee(s) x 2 Adidas Terrex Run Shorts x 2 Nørrona fjørå Powerwool Long Sleeve (Polartec) Runderwear Merino Running Underwear x 2 GripGrab Running Cap CEP Merino Ankle Compression Socks Darn Tough Merino Trainer Liners Compressport Full Length V2.1 Socks Topo Hydroventure S

Review - Lezyne Mega XL GPS Cycle Computer

When it comes to GPS cycle computers, the market is surprisingly small in offering. Brands like Garmin and Wahoo have ruled the roost for some time, but the Lezyne Mega XL GPS - the latest release from the brand, could well throw a very favourable option into the mix. Lezyne have been making exquisite pumps, tools, and other cycling accessories for some time, and they are my go-to choice for most of my ' Every Ride Carry ' selections. Their cycling computers have been on the market for a few years now too, but haven't gained such a following as their other accessories. Of the past range, I have tested the Lezyne Power GPS unit and the Lezyne Super GPS; both were fit for purpose, but lacked a lot of the ease of use and style of the offerings from other brands. The Lezyne Mega XL GPS is something different… Outstanding Value First of all, let's consider what you get in a box. I have on test the Lezyne Mega XL GPS 'Loaded'; which contains the unit itself,