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Review – GripGrab Explorer Waterproof Gravel Shoe Covers

By popular demand, and after countless hours of testing, GripGrab has launched the new Explorer Waterproof Gravel Shoe Covers. Based on the popular Flandrien Road Shoe Covers , this off-road cousin brings style and waterproof functionality to off-road riding Following the launch and popularity of the Flandrien—which combines the retro style of the 'Belgian bootie' with modern waterproof technology—riders asked for a more robust off-road version that could put up with the demands of gravel riding. Now, with the launch of the GripGrab Explorer Waterproof Gravel Shoe Covers , that time has come. Hours of design work and in-the-field testing, through several generations of prototypes, have led to this new release from the Danish brand. Design and function The design, functionality and features of the Explorer Shoe Covers were meticulously developed in cooperation with enthusiast gravel riders (myself included)—providing feedback from numerous test rides in varying conditions. T

Nutrition Review – Mission Performance Teas

Tom Whittle founded Mission after his experience taking on endurance challenges, and discovering the inefficiencies and downfalls of high caffeine energy drinks.  When completing an epic cycling marathon down the length of South America, Tom discovered Yerba Mate as an alternative to coffee and high sugar energy drinks. Yerba Mate is a slower release natural caffeine source than coffee, and it allows you to feel the energising and cognitive focus benefits of the stimulant for far longer — avoiding the spikes and crashes often associated with caffeine consumption. On returning from South America, Tom teamed up with nutritionists and tea experts to create a range of performance orientated teas using 100% natural ingredients.  Following a successful test of these new blends, when Tom broke the World Record for crossing Iceland on foot, Tom founded Mission teas. Ever since, Tom has been on a 'Mission' to equip athletes and everyday individuals with drinks that will keep them focuss

Review – Lezyne Helmet Micro Drive Pro, Lite Drive 1000XL Front Light & Strip Pro Alert Drive Rear Light

This autumn, I have been testing out three of the latest lights from Lezyne – a brand that I have relied upon heavily in the past to provide reliable, long-lasting and high-powered illumination of my rides. The trio of lights that I have on test from Lezyne is comprised of the Lezyne Micro Helmet Drive Pro 800XL, the Lezyne Lite Drive 1000XL headlight and the new Lezyne Strip Pro Alert Drive rear light. I have been consistently impressed by the individual performance of all three lights, as well as how well they work together in tandem to increase your visibility and provide superb illumination of the trail or road ahead. Review – Lezyne Micro Helmet Drive Pro 800XL First up is the lightweight but powerful helmet mounting Lezyne Micro Helmet Drive Pro 800XL. The Helmet Drive has that distinctive Lezyne CNC-machined shell, with built in cooling fins for heat management and optimal performance; it mounts to your helmet using a versatile Velcro mounting strap with a plastic composi

Review – SeeSense ICON3 Front and Rear Bike Light Set

See.Sense is a cycling technology and data company from Northern Ireland; since 2015 I have tested three different versions of their award-winning bike lights , and the new ICON3 is their latest and most developed bike light set. The brand has used their eight years of experience to produce what is undeniably one of the smartest and technically developed bike lights available. As with previous See.Sense models , the ICON3 was released after a successful campaign of crowdfunding on Indiegogo; the campaign smashed the original funding targets – testament to the number of bike riders and investors that believe in the See.Sense product. As the new flagship model within the See.Sense range, the ICON3 is crammed with even more tech than the preceding models. It comes equipped with increased brightness and smarter features, as well as USB-C charging and a new 'twist and lock' mount system. The ICON3 is 20 percent brighter than its predecessor: pumping out 350 lumens from the re