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Recipe: Banana, Vanilla and Cinnamon Protein Ice Cream

Recovery protein ice cream! It turns out that this frozen delight doesn't have to be a guilty pleasure. This ice cream is packed full of protein, low in fat, and high in vitamins.

The recipe is a slightly adapted version of one published by chef Jeaun-Mari Breytenbach (

Ingredients6 frozen bananas6 scoops of Vanilla Multipower 100% Pure Whey Protein Powder 15 tbsp almond or coconut milk2 tsp honey1 ½ tsp cinnamon A few drops of vanilla essenceA pinch of sea salt
MethodPut it all in a NutriBullet, and blitz
Best served immediately, but can be frozen and eaten later too (it will help to solidify it more).

Seriously good with either fresh fruit salad and/or sprinkled with nuts and seeds.

Review: Le Coq Sportif Casual Apparel Spring 2016

Many new 'casual cycle apparel' brands have established themselves with the sole aim of producing clothing for off-the-bike wear. Le Coq Sportif by contrast, has an unquestionable heritage in the world of cycling; both for producing iconic riding jerseys, as well as post-sport casual clothing.

Le Coq Sportif have been the makers of the Maillot Jaune since 1951, bar a few hiatus years. The French brand has an unquestionable association with the sport, and their apparel has graced the shoulders of many 'Kings of Cycling'. I too have worn, and been impressed by their riding kit; have a read of my review on the Le Coq Sportif Premium Jersey, from last summer.

In this post, I look at their latest range of casual sportswear: including shoes, a polo, sweater and tech pants. Although the range doesn't claim to be cycling specific in any way, it has a style that resonates well with the peloton's fashion. I have also been so thoroughly impressed by the fit and quality o…

Road Ride: 'My Every Ride Carry' - Spring 2016

Last year, I wrote a post on Cross Country Ride: 'My Every Ride Carry'; featuring all the kit that comes with me on a weekend trail outing. In this post, I turn to the tarmac, and what I would take with me on a weekend endurance road ride, or middle-distance event.

Wearable kit:Kask Infinity HelmetPOC Do Blade AVIP SunglassesGripGrab Cycling CapGripGrab Windster GlovesGripGrab HiVis HeadGloveGripGrab HiVis Thermo Overshoes These products have fast become my favourite kit accessories for autumn/springtime rides. The Kask Infinity helmet does a fantastic job of providing an enhanced shield from the cold. The POC Do Blade AVIP sunglasses, are perfect for giving added wind protection for your eyes, whilst their lenses are suitable for bright sunshine and dull days (Review of the POC Do Blade AVIP Glasses). Then, the GripGrab Windster Gloves, Hammerhead Overshoes, HiVis HeadGlove and GripGrab Cycling Cap, are ideal for shielding your vulnerable extremities from the wind, rain and …

Review: Runderwear Running Underwear

Last month, I wrote a blog on the 'Five Benefits of Cross-Training', and talked about how I have recently started building in some trail running into my training routine. With that change, has come the opportunity to test a whole new spectrum of kit; from shoes to shorts, and even underwear!

Cyclists soon learn that 'going commando' is by far your best option with bib shorts. The chafing from those seams doesn't bear thinking about. What about running though?

As a relative newbie, I wasn't sure, and experimented a bit both ways. Neither seemed completely 'right'. Then, the folks at Runderwear came up with a solution...

The briefs and boxers from the company provide a great option: seamless underwear. The security and warmth of underwear, but without the discomfort.

I have tested both the briefs and the boxers, and found them both incredibly comfortable. The seamless technology means there is no uncomfortable rubbing. The fabric is far more breathable a…

Review: See.Sense ICON Lights

It is always great to see a company that has taken on-board customer feedback, and developed a product as a result. I reviewed the original light set from See.Sense, a Kick-Starter funded Irish company, back in 2015. I was impressed. See.Sense pioneered the intelligent, sensor-driven light concept with the original See.Sense 2.0, and throughout continued testing, it has shown itself to be a great product, both for safety and longevity.

As with any product though, there were a few minor niggles. So, See.Sense took on the feedback, and have recently released the all new ICON light set, reviewed here...

Updated Design The physical design of the See.Sense ICON is noticeably different from its predecessor; the units are more compact, more weatherproof and better thought out.

Rather than the shaped plastic body on the 2.0, the ICON lights have a shaped rubber backplate, with different mouldings for front and rear. This new design provides a more secure hold on the handlebar or seatpost, an…

Review: Bellroy Elements Sleeve

The range of minimalist, beautifully-crafted leather pouches from Australian brand Bellroy, seem to have taken the world by storm. At least, their storm-proof range of Elements wallets certainly seem to have my small world, of cycling and photography friends, wholly captivated.

I first reviewed Bellroy's Elements Pocket Wallet back in 2014, and I was taken with how compact, robust and beautifully simple the design was. Then in 2015, I reviewed the Elements Phone Pocket; which proved to be an equally stylish, sleek and versatile every day carry. I still use both of them, on an almost daily basis. In this review, I turn to the baby brother in the Elements range - the Elements Sleeve; this is the wallet for when you really just need the bare necessities.

Whilst the Elements Phone Wallet can hold a phone, cards, cash, house key and much more; the Elements Sleeve is made to be a flat-pack slim protective case, for just your cards, key and notes. The neat sleeve design provides the per…

Review: Muc-Off Fabric Protect

Cycling is a mucky sport. Clothes, shoes, bags and other material accessories that you use for your ride, will likely take a battering. Even the best waterproof, will loose its water-beading capabilities after continued use and abuse. Certainly, those pristine white disco slippers won't stay white for long, without protection.

Enter Muc-Off's Fabric Protect. This easy-to-use aerosol "proofer" rejuvenates waterproof fabrics, and can also add a water and stain-repellent protective layer to other material products.

I have used it on jackets, trainers and panniers, and it gives a great repellent surface, which has kept the products functioning and looking at their best.

A simple and effective option, to keep kit in top condition.

Muc-Off Fabric Protect is available at Wiggle (Link)