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Personal Care – Preventing and Treating Cycling Saddle Sores

Are you sitting comfortably? Saddle sores are a serious concern for many cyclists; at best they can be a cause of discomfort, at worst they could end a ride or adventure. After many long distance bike rides such as the #BlackForest400 and #7Countries7Passes , these are my tips for preventing and treating saddle sores. 1 – Saddle Choice Having the correct width and length of saddle makes a huge difference to the chances of encountering saddle sores. Too wide, the saddle will rub on your seat bones. Too narrow, you will sit on your perineum rather than on your seat bones. Recommended reading:  'How to Choose the Right Bicycle Saddle for You' 2 – Saddle Height The height of your saddle plays a significant role in determining the pressure and friction on your nether-regions. If your saddle height is too high then you do not put enough pressure on the pedals; increasing the pressure on your perineum or sit bones and increasing the rocking motion in the saddle

Kit Tips – A Guide to Cold Weather Winter Cycle Clothing

Low temperatures and winter storms push wind-chill factors to sub-zero. Bike riding does not have to cease in freezing conditions though; with the right clothing, there is no reason not to enjoy your cycling, even in the chilly months of winter. In this blog post, I offer my tips and advice for the right clothing to keep you comfortable when cycling in the depths of winter… 1 – Long Sleeve Base Layers Cold hands when cycling in low temperatures? Long sleeve base layers are the key to comfort here. Your hands are an extremity—they are one of the furthest points from the central boiler pump that is your heart. In order to keep them warm, you need to keep the blood that is flowing to them warm. Protecting your lower arms from wind-chill and insulating them with a long sleeve base layer will aid warm blood flows down your arteries all the way to your hands. The best long sleeve winter cycling base layer I have used is the GripGrab Expert Seamless Thermal Long Sleeve Cycling

Review – AbsoluteBLACK Oval Chainrings

The potential benefits of oval chainrings are numerous — from reduced strain on the knees, to greater power output, and improved efficiency. I have been riding with absoluteBLACK Oval Chainrings for more than a year now; on gravel bikes, road bikes, and mountain bike. The benefits are notable, and I have now voluntarily adopted the oval asymmetric chainring design on all my bikes. Discovering the Benefits of Oval Chainrings I started using absoluteBlack oval chainrings on my Kona gravel bike; the 1x narrow/wide chainring was an economical replacement for a worn out SRAM Force 1x standard shaped chainring, and it offered me the opportunity to test the oval chainring design. The cyclocross/gravel single chainring from absoluteBLACK has a neat mounting system, whereby the chainring bolts screw straight into the chainring itself — offering a simple and clean look to the crank-set. The alloy that the chainring is made of also seems to be more robust than other offerings, and has in

Review – WORX WG620E.2 Cordless Hydroshot Portable Pressure Cleaner

Should you pressure wash your bike? The safest answer is "no" , BUT if you are careful and target the powerful jet of a pressure washer only at the right places, then it can be an excellent time and water efficient way of washing your bike. A pressure washer can safely be used to wash the frame, wheels, chainrings and saddle of a bike; the areas to avoid are directing the pressure washer stream into the hubs, bottom bracket, jockey wheels or pedal bearings. Provided you steer clear of the above named areas, targeting those instead with a soft brush for the hubs and some degreaser and a chain bath for the drivetrain, then a pressure washer can allow you to quickly remove dirt and debris from the rest of the bike. The WORX WG620E.2 is a portable cordless power washer/cleaner that offers a fast and versatile way to clean your bike. Compared to other pressure washers on the market, it is lighter (1.75kg), easier to use (singlehanded), and has the excellent virtue that you c