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Review – Moon Sport Aiolos Mini Bike Hand and Floor Pumps

Moon Sport have fast become one of my preferred brands for quality LED bicycle lights – you can see some of my past reviews of Moon Lights here . This year, the brand launched a new range of compact high-quality bicycle pumps; these mini hand pumps are built to the same superb quality level as the Moon Lights range; offering fast and efficient inflation, time and time again. In this review, I look at three of the new pumps within the Moon range: the Aiolos Gauge MFP HP Mini Floor Pump, the Aiolos Gauge Pro High Pressure Hand Pump, and the Aiolos Pro High Pressure Hand Pump. They are all impressive in their own right. Review – AIOLOS Gauge MFP HP (Mini Floor Pump - High Pressure) The Moon Aiolos Gauge MFP HP is a high pressure mini floor pump – designed to offer rapid inflation for all kinds of bicycle tyres. The pump is made of CNC machined aluminium, and instantly has a quality look and feel. A small kick-stand folds do to offer stability whilst pumping, and then a threaded hose

Review – Showers Pass Refuge Waterproof Cycling Trousers

Waterproof cycling rain pants are a piece of apparel that are most popular amongst cycle tourists and bicycle commuters. Waterproof trousers for cycling might seem rather over-the-top, but in truth a pair of high quality breathable waterproof bottoms could be one of the best pieces of cycle kit you have purchased to date… At the start of this year, I made a pledge to go 'car-free' as often as I possibly could. That meant riding in all weather, and often not in dedicated cycling kit. Waterproof cycling trousers mean that you can get from A-to-B and run daily errands whatever the weather. The Showers Pass Refuge Waterproof Trousers are the highest performance pair of waterproof trousers within the American brand's range. They are made using their highest quality waterproof and breathable fabric – the Elite fabric – to offer comfort and durability when cycling in wet weather conditions hour after hour, and day after day. These cycling-specific waterproof trousers are mu

Recipe – Healthy Fruit n Nut Toasted Cinnamon Granola

I will readily admit to being a granola addict. I have it for breakfast with milk, with yoghurt and compote as a mid-morning snack, and even just straight from the jar when I am feeling peckish.  This homemade fruit and nut granola is so easy to make, and uses just the best quality whole-food ingredients: such as porridge oats, chopped nuts, dried fruit and unrefined organic panela sugar . Granola is a healthy snack, with low GI energy coming from the oats, protein and essential oils from the nuts, and natural sugars from the fruit and panela sugar.  Make a big batch of this and you will be set up for quick and healthy breakfasts and snacks before your next riding adventure. Ingredients Porridge oats [3 cups] – (I recommend Rude Health '5 Grain 5 Seed Porridge' or jumbo rolled oats) Mixed roasted nuts [1 cup] Organic Panela sugar [1/2 cup] Dried cranberries [1/3 cup] Sultanas [1/3 cup] Mixed pumpkin and sunflower seeds [1/3 cup]  Walnut oil [5 tbsp] Runny honey [2 tbsp] Vani

Review – Rapha Pro Team Long Sleeve Thermal Jersey

The Rapha Pro Team Long Sleeve Jersey is a flexible and lightweight long sleeve cycling jersey that excels at offering high-wicking and highly breathable insulation for the transition seasons. Made from a 185gsm fabric with a special micro-grid weave, it creates tiny air pockets within the layer to create insulation from cool autumn and spring temperatures. The micro-grid fabric also aids wicking performance by swiftly moving moisture build up from inside the jersey to the outside of the fabric—allowing it to evaporate with ease. The fabric has a four-way stretch profile that creates a close-fitting profile with a compression race level cut. Elasticated grippers on the cuff and hems keep everything in check. Pocketing comes in the form of three full sized rear pockets and one smaller zippered pocket for small valuables. The pockets are lined with a breathable mesh to stop the double layer of fabric compromising breathability. The Rapha Pro Team Long Sleeve Jersey is one of th

Review – Secure Cycle Store Metal 3 Bike Bunker Cycle Locker

A lack of infrastructure is the most frequently sighted reason for UK residents not using bicycles for transport. Infrastructure goes further than bike lanes and bicycle-friendly trains though; it also includes storage, both at home and at work/your destination. Providing adequate and secure storage for bicycles is a sure way to increase the number of cyclists on the road; this was my motivation for finding and reviewing the ultimate at-home bike storage locker. The SCS Metal 3-Bike Bunker is a home solution to having a secure place to store your bike. For those individuals without a garage, or those concerned about the inadequate security offered by your standard wooden garden shed, this galvanised metal bike locker is the best at-home storage solution I have seen. The 3-Bike Bunker is a maximum-security all-metal bike shed. Made from thick heavy-gauge galvanised steel and with an integrated heavy-duty metal door with Yale lock, it offers first-class weatherproof and high-security sto

Review – 'Innovation in a Clothing Marketplace'

Image  does not sell cycling clothing. But their concept of personalised online shopping—tailored to your physique, tastes, environment, and even social situations offers an innovative and interesting concept that I was so impressed by, I felt compelled to write about it here on Life In The Saddle. I have never had the luxury of a personal shopper. I have friends, family, and colleagues comment and guide me on my clothing choices; but my style is very much my own: created from my own tastes, preferences, and the kind of clothing that is most suited to the environments and social contexts that I often find myself in. I do have preferred casual clothing brands, but I am by no means loyal to them. I opt for quality clothing that lasts, looks good, and remains timeless despite changing fashions. My style, if I could define it, would be a rugged outdoor profile with neutral tones and colours inspired by nature. The above list of preferences is not the easiest to shop for. A lot of '

Kit Tips – Wet Weather Cycling Clothing and Accessories

"There is no such thing as bad weather ", or so the saying goes... In reality though, riding a bike in wet and cold conditions is a challenge. It can be made easier, safer, and more comfortable though, by using the best cycling kit and accessories available. In this post, I have laid out some advice to help you stay comfortable and safe in inclement weather conditions. Hopefully they make your next venture out in cold and damp weather that bit more bearable. Mudguards My first suggestion, is that if you do not have them already... "Get Some 'Guards' ". Cycling mudguards are a vital element in staying comfortable in wet conditions. Even the best waterproof jacket will struggle after hours of being bombarded by rear wheel spray; while your face and feet will be grateful for protection against a front wheel showering. You can now get lightweight mudguards that will fit almost any bike: from traditional full-length road mudguards , to the minimalist As