Review – Secure Cycle Store Metal 3 Bike Bunker Cycle Locker

Secure by Design Metal 3 Bike Bunker Locker Storage Review

A lack of infrastructure is the most frequently sighted reason for UK residents not using bicycles for transport. Infrastructure goes further than bike lanes and bicycle-friendly trains though; it also includes storage, both at home and at work/your destination. Providing adequate and secure storage for bicycles is a sure way to increase the number of cyclists on the road; this was my motivation for finding and reviewing the ultimate at-home bike storage locker.

The SCS Metal 3-Bike Bunker is a home solution to having a secure place to store your bike. For those individuals without a garage, or those concerned about the inadequate security offered by your standard wooden garden shed, this galvanised metal bike locker is the best at-home storage solution I have seen.

The 3-Bike Bunker is a maximum-security all-metal bike shed. Made from thick heavy-gauge galvanised steel and with an integrated heavy-duty metal door with Yale lock, it offers first-class weatherproof and high-security storage for your bicycles.

The bunker arrives by pallet and proved to be super quick and easy to assemble by hand, with a cross head screwdriver being the only tool you require. You do need a solid, stable, and flat base to sit it on—but that can be achieved using gravel, paving slabs, or a concrete base.

Once assembled, the unit feels incredibly solid. The integrated base means it is immovable once you have filled it with kit, and if you do really want extra peace-of-mind you can anchor it to the ground.

Inside the bunker there is room for three medium-sized bikes. I admit that trying to fit three full sized 29er mountain bikes in there would be quite a squeeze, but it is still achievable (though you need to remove one or two front wheels). I also fitted the optional steel shelf within the unit to store ride accessories and helmets—a useful addition to maximise the space available.

The unit is well ventilated thanks to integrate vents on the side panels, and of course the painted steel is fully weatherproof. This protection is great to avoid your bikes rusting when they are constantly exposed to the cold and wet.

Completely maintenance-free and with a ten-year manufacturer's warranty, there is very little to do to the Bike Bunker once you have built it and filled it with your bikes; that is great news, as it means you can spend more time riding and zero time painting!

If you are looking for a secure and safe place to store your bikes at home or in a small office set-up, then the SCS Metal 3 Bike Bunker Locker is one of the best value and highest security options you will find.

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Secure by Design Metal 3 Bike Bunker Locker Storage Review

Secure by Design Metal 3 Bike Bunker Locker Storage Review

Secure by Design Metal 3 Bike Bunker Locker Storage Review

Secure by Design Metal 3 Bike Bunker Locker Storage Review
Disclaimer: Secure Cycle Store supplied a SCS Metal 3 Bike Bunker Locker Storage for test and review


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