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Book Review – 1001 Cycling Tips by Hannah Reynolds

I have always enjoyed Hannah Reynold's writing. Much like me, she has dabbled in most disciplines of bike riding: from mountain bike racing to road criteriums; endurance cycling to utility cycling. Her depth of knowledge and years of experience are unpacked in her latest book ' 1001 Cycling Tips '. 1001 Cycling Tips is the essential cyclist's guide—to just about everything bike related. From choosing a bike, to training your fitness, using navigational apps, and exploring new cycling disciplines. Hannah provides her tips and advice through 1001 bullet point chunks, crammed into 150 pages, with some great colour photography. The tips range from basic technique: " #900 ­– On easy, off-road descents the three key things to remember are: head up, weight back and heels down. " Through to deeper sports psychology: "#717: You can outperform your fitness, but if your head falls off in a ride or race it is game over, however good your legs are." Plus, some gr

Endurance Nutrition – A Cyclist's Shopping List

We all know the importance of eating right. What you eat affects your health, your mood, and your cycling performance. You Are What You Eat —  so, your shopping list could be likened to your body's fuel receipt. Are you fuelling right for endurance sport and cycling adventures? In this post, I take a look at items that often feature on my own shopping list. The selection is strongly influenced by insights that I have gained from nutritional experts, as well as ingredients used in recipes from books such as Hannah Grant's ' The Grand Tour Cookbook '. I have split the list out into different nutritional categories — to make sure all bases are covered, and hopefully give a range of options for different dietary preferences. Protein Eggs  — egg yolks are a source of choline, important to reduce muscle fatigue Wild salmon  — fish is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids Frozen plaice fillets  — white fish is a source of low-fat protein Smoked mackerel  — 

Review – Science in Sport SIS Recovery Nutrition Products

Science in Sport has built a name for itself as one of the leading sports nutrition brands in the UK. In this post, I look at two of the recently updated products: the SIS Rego Rapid Protein Shake and the SIS Protein20 Protein Bar. Personally, I am tending away from processed sports nutrition products, but sometimes the convenience and portability of dedicated sports food is helpful; this is particularly relevant for recovery products – where getting in the right nutrients (protein and carbohydrate) in good time post-activity is essential to kick-starting the recovery process. The Science in Sport products are some of the best that I have tried for recovery – in terms of quality, flavour and cost. These new Protein20 and REGO products are also vegan friendly and low in sugar, making them suitable for many differing diets. SIS Rego Rapid Protein Drink Powder The SIS Rego Rapid Protein Powder helps refuel, repair, rebuild and rehydrate after exertion. Each (50g) serving contains 1