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Kit Care – Extending the Life of Your Kit With a Dehumidifier

We invest thousands of pounds into our outdoor equipment and apparel, and spend hours researching the best options to keep us comfortable, safe and fast. But, post purchase, do we invest enough time and care into looking after these investments? I am normally quite fastidious at keeping my kit clean and organised, helping it to last as long as possible and avoid premature replacement. In this pursuit, there are some tips and tricks that I have learnt through trial and error over the years. Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of both hardware and clothing. Putting equipment into storage just slightly damp is a recipe for mildew, rust and bacterial growth. From bikes to waterproof jackets, gloves to rucksacks; I have made the expensive mistake of stashing these items damp and slightly dirty, to come back a month later and find them ruined. So, what can you do? Clean It Quick Keeping kit clean is the first step. Read some of my previous posts such as ' Re-waterpro

'Crossing Boundaries' – Multi-Purpose Outdoor Apparel

As cycling culture evolves, and adventure riding  becomes a more mainstream activity, it is interesting to watch the development of new 'bikepacking apparel' and adventure specific riding kit. The truth though, is that adventure riding and bikepacking are just cycling combined with other well-known outdoor pursuits, such as camping, hiking and mountaineering. As such, it may well be that kit from those pursuits can be re-purposed and utilised on your bikepacking adventures — reducing the amount of kit you need to buy, and the effect of doing so on the planet. In this blog post, I have selected two of my favourite pieces of outdoor apparel, both of which are fantastic for bikepacking adventures: the Rab Electron Pro Lightweight Down Gilet and the Rab Power Stretch Pro Pull-On Mid-Layer. Review – Rab Electron Pro Lightweight Down Gilet A lightweight down jacket has featured in my bikepacking kit list  since my first tours, but switching it out for a down gilet is a more r