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Personal Care – Skincare for Cyclists and Endurance Athletes

We put our bodies through a tough time when we are out on the bike or head out into the wild. Our muscles might feel the strain, but you should also consider what the wind-burn, abrasion, UV-rays, and cold temperatures can do to your skin. Here are some top tips for looking after your skin when you are enjoying an active outdoor lifestyle.   My featured brand in this piece is Weleda—who make by far the nicest and most effective range of natural skincare products that I have found to date. They are sustainably sourced, feature organic ingredients, and hold zero micro-plastics or petrochemicals. Lip Balms and Barrier Creams  Throughout the year I apply Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm before a ride. This natural balm helps to avoid painful chapped lips caused by windburn and sunshine.   In the wintertime, I use Weleda's Weather Protection Cream—it creates a unique natural protective barrier from the drying effects of the winter elements. In the summer, I compliment this with the Edelweis

Review – Smith Persist Helmet and Shift Mag Cycling Sunglasses

I have become an avid fan of the Smith brand over the last five years; their products are exceptional in quality level and comfort, as well as being some of the best value cycling helmets and sunglasses on the market today. Review ­– Smith Persist Cycling Helmet The new Smith Persist Cycling Helmet is a fitting example of the innovation and development that the Smith brand puts into its products. Despite it being one of the lower priced helmets within the Smith helmets range, it holds some of the most developed comfort and protection technologies seen in the world, as well as some of the best styling. The classically shaped and smoothly contoured helmet features a multitude of vents that suck air through the helmet and deliver an impressive cooling effect for those sweltering summer days. A comfortable adjustable chin strap keeps the helmet in place, and inside the antibacterial padding offers good comfort and moisture wicking capabilities. The outstanding thing with the Smith Persist

Recipe – The Ultimate High Energy Flapjacks

This traditional flapjack recipe is packed full of energy for long days on the bike. The oats supply a great low-GI fuel source, while the dried fruit offers instant energy and sweetness. Whether on or off the bike, these flapjack bars are a great high-energy snack for cycling. You can adapt the recipe by adding in other dried fruit, seeds, nuts, and spices to make these even more varied and flavoursome. I particularly like pumpkin seeds and chopped crystallised ginger added to the mix. Ingredients 200g butter 100g brown sugar 1 tbsp golden syrup ½ tbsp black treacle 300g porridge oats 100g raisins 75g soft-dried figs 50g soft-dried apricots Method Set the oven to 150°C or 140°C for fan-assisted oven. Place the shelf in the middle Stick a big pan on the scales and measure in the butter and brown sugar Heat the pan on the hob until the butter and sugar are all melted Add a tablespoon of golden syrup and half a tablespoon of treacle to the mix Add the porridge oats and y

Review – StickerMarket Branded Outdoor / Indoor Stickers

Who doesn't like stickers?! They might be old school branding, but they undoubtedly still work; allowing you to badge-up anything from a bar bag to a bottle, wallet or phone case. I have had lots of stickers made up over the course of writing Life In The Saddle, but the best by far have come from a UK based company called Sticker Market. The company is one of the biggest suppliers of custom stickers in the world, and they do great vinyl stickers, glossy paper stickers, and craft paper stickers—so you can brand up anything and everything. In my most recent batch I had some stickers made up for the Wight Prestige, The Expedition Journals, and craft paper stickers using the Life In The Saddle Logo. I also had the lightbulb idea of getting some wipe-clean 'Bumper Stickers' made up for my sea kayak to write 'Deck Notes' on—something that could also be the perfect solution for top-tube notes on a bike. Sticker it up! Let me know with a comment below if you are keen to ha

The Best Alcohol Free and Low Alcohol Beers

Alcohol free and low alcohol beers are finally catching on in the UK. I have been enjoying low alcohol or zero alcohol beers for many years now, and thought it would be nice to share three of my favourites. Alcohol free and low alcohol beers allow you to have a guilt-free drink—enjoying the taste and pleasure of having a beer, without the repercussions of a hangover or dehydration. Low alcohol beers also tend to be lower calorie, and some beers even claim to be isotonic to help you rehydrate. Small Beer Company Dark Larger The Small Beer Company are specialists in brewing classic styles of beer, below 2.8 percent ABV. The Small Beer Co. Dark Larger is just 1.0 percent ABV, but still delivers a beautiful taste and texture. Smooth and dark, with hints of coffee and dark chocolate; the Original Small Beer Dark Lager drinks like a stout lager and leaves a roasted toasted finish. At just 60 calories and 7 grams of carbohydrate per 350ml bottle, this beer is dark in colour and strong on tas