Review – StickerMarket Branded Outdoor / Indoor Stickers

StickerMarket Branded Outdoor and Indoor Stickers
Who doesn't like stickers?! They might be old school branding, but they undoubtedly still work; allowing you to badge-up anything from a bar bag to a bottle, wallet or phone case.

I have had lots of stickers made up over the course of writing Life In The Saddle, but the best by far have come from a UK based company called Sticker Market. The company is one of the biggest suppliers of custom stickers in the world, and they do great vinyl stickers, glossy paper stickers, and craft paper stickers—so you can brand up anything and everything.

In my most recent batch I had some stickers made up for the Wight Prestige, The Expedition Journals, and craft paper stickers using the Life In The Saddle Logo. I also had the lightbulb idea of getting some wipe-clean 'Bumper Stickers' made up for my sea kayak to write 'Deck Notes' on—something that could also be the perfect solution for top-tube notes on a bike.

Sticker it up! Let me know with a comment below if you are keen to have some stickers.

>> Shop stickers at

StickerMarket Branded Outdoor and Indoor Stickers

Deck Notes Waterproof Stickers


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