The Best Alcohol Free and Low Alcohol Beers

Best Alcohol Free Low Alcohol Beers
Alcohol free and low alcohol beers are finally catching on in the UK. I have been enjoying low alcohol or zero alcohol beers for many years now, and thought it would be nice to share three of my favourites.

Alcohol free and low alcohol beers allow you to have a guilt-free drink—enjoying the taste and pleasure of having a beer, without the repercussions of a hangover or dehydration. Low alcohol beers also tend to be lower calorie, and some beers even claim to be isotonic to help you rehydrate.

Small Beer Company Dark Larger

The Small Beer Company are specialists in brewing classic styles of beer, below 2.8 percent ABV. The Small Beer Co. Dark Larger is just 1.0 percent ABV, but still delivers a beautiful taste and texture.

Smooth and dark, with hints of coffee and dark chocolate; the Original Small Beer Dark Lager drinks like a stout lager and leaves a roasted toasted finish.

At just 60 calories and 7 grams of carbohydrate per 350ml bottle, this beer is dark in colour and strong on taste, but light on load.

A strong but refreshing low alcohol beer.

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Erdinger Alkoholfrei Original

Erdinger Alkoholfrei is a German Weissbier (light wheat beer), it is made in the Erdinger brewery that also produces a great range of normal strength beers; they use the same skills and expertise to make this alcohol free version.

Although it is branded as alcohol free, this beer actually contains "less than 0.5% volume alcohol" – that is a necessity given that it goes through an almost identical brewing process to normal beer. The fact that Erdinger Alkoholfrei is produced in this way seems likely what makes it one of the best tasting low-alcohol beers I have tried.

Erdinger Alkoholfrei has a particle concentration of 289 mOsmol, which is very similar to blood—this makes it isotonic. It also contains a natural blend of salt and carbohydrates to help re-hydrate you and refuel your muscles. Finally, the polyphenols within Erdinger AF have been found to help boost immunity, which is often lowered by intense exercise. It is this mix of properties that make this Weissbier a proper 'recovery drink' as well as a great tasting beer.

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Erdinger Alkoholfrei Grapefruit

Finally, a new release from Erdinger—this is a fruity version of the Erdinger Alkoholfrei original. Perfect for a hot summer evening, this beer is like a classic Radler—but with that zesty flavour coming from grapefruit juice rather than lemonade.

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Three summer thirst quenchers. These low alcohol beers are the perfect post-ride treat.


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