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Stay Hydrated This Summer - With Erdinger Beer!

Summer months mean (hopefully) hotter weather, longer rides, and post ride BBQ beers. The issue with all three of those, is that they will likely leave you dehydrated.

Dehydration negatively affects performance and recovery, so to get the most from your cycling, you really need to avoid it. Luckily, Erdinger have a solution...

Erdinger Alkoholfrei is an alcohol free weissbrau beer, which actually has isotonic properties. That means it officially classifies as a recovery drink.

Here's the technical side...

What are isotonic drinks? Isotonic drinks are those that have a similar osmotic pressure to blood; that means a similar number of dissolved particles per litre. This characteristic means they can be absorbed into the blood stream faster than other liquids.

Dissolved particles include polyphenols, vitamins, electrolytes, carbohydrates, sugar, and protein particles. If the concentration of these particles is correct, then isotonic drinks can be absorbed up to four times faster tha…

The St. Boniface Down Everesting

To complete an 'Everesting' you must ascend the height of Everest (8,848 metres); in one ride; on one climb.

The challenge takes the concept of #insearchofup to new heights.

On June 24th 2017, I took on an 'Everesting' of St. Boniface Down, Ventnor (Isle of Wight).

From the seafront, to the radar station at the top of the climb. 38 repetitions would be required, to meet the magic number.

It was one hell of a hill climbing session...

Preparation The preparation for the big ride starts weeks before the pedals make their first rotation.

Gearing is chosen. Bikes are fettled. Nutrition is prepared. Bags are packed.

It begins... dawn depart Up before the sun, even this close to the summer solstice.
Porridge and coffee, at 4am.
Empty roads and dark skies at the start-line.

Mountain in the mist Fog, wind, and rain.

My own mountain, shrouded in cloud.

Brothers in Arms The first few hours are a solo affair.

Then, comrades join to provide company for a handful of rain soaked rep…

Review - Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex Tubeless Tyre Sealant

Finding a good tubeless tyre sealant is a bit like finding a good coffee in a foreign town: once you have found one that hits the spot, you will keep coming back, time after time.

It is most likely a coincidence that Caffelatex Tubeless Sealant from Effetto Mariposa seems to allude to a coffee connection. Even so, you might well find it addictive…

For me, latex based sealants still rule in terms of reliability and function. Stan's No Tubes was the original latex based sealant; but other brands have since taken on the concept and adapted it.

Caffelatex is unique because it contains a foaming compound, which promises to give greater coverage inside the tyre, even when a cut is not at the bottom of the wheel.

I have been using this sealant on a cyclocross bike for a few months now, and it seems to be working well. It seals around thorns easily, and larger cuts will seal if you use a tubeless plug (read my post 'How to Make a Tubeless Tyre Plug').

To be honest, I still found…

Review - Le Patron CC Casual Cycle Clothing

Some products impress you, even before you've tried them on. The stylish and unique range of cycling inspired casual wear from Dutch brand Le Patron CC, certainly earns that mark of respect.

The collection of products arrived from The Netherlands in a smart branded box; which opened up to reveal a set of clothing and accessories, with each item neatly packaged in a cotton musette, or wrapped in branded tissue paper.

Removed from its intricate packaging, the quality and detail of the Le Patron CC kit continued to show real promise…

Le Patron CC T-Shirts Over the past few years, I have reviewed and featured a number of cycling inspired tees on Life In The Saddle. Some have shouted "cyclist!" others have been discrete in alluding to their two-wheeled heritage. The Le Patron V-neck tees are definitely the latter of these two (thankfully); they are smart and subtly styled, and would be at home in any smart casual setting.

Made from 100 percent cotton, and pre-washed to avoid…

Review - Fori Savoury Meat Snack Bars

Most protein bars use whey isolate to deliver their protein hit, but that sweet and gooey texture is not the only way of getting protein into your diet. Fori, a UK-based brand, have come up with oven baked savoury meat snack bars!

I have been testing them out, and the Thai Turkey and Piri Piri Chicken flavours are (despite my initial reservations) rather good.

Aside from whey protein (derived from milk) there are hundreds of other sources of protein on the market (read my blog post: 'Smart Shopping List Ideas'). Turkey and chicken are right up there with the best, because they contain high volumes of Leucine - a crucial amino acid. These meat based bars deliver a great low-fat, high-protein fuel source.

The Fori bars use oven baked high-quality meat products, to provide a convenient way of getting protein into your diet, especially when you are on the move.

A savoury meat bar might not initially sound that appetising, but at the end of a long ride, or the end of a long day to…

Book Review - 'Vélochef in Europe' by Henrik Orre

My copy of Henrik Orre's original 'Vélochef' (see my book review here) is well thumbed, and well read. I have tried dozens of the recipes from the collection; all of them have been superb, as well as easy to follow. 'Vélochef in Europe' is Henrik's sequel release, and looks into four European regions, with 80 local recipes.

Mallorca, Nice, Girona and Lombardy: four regions that are famed for their great riding, but also for their fantastic cuisine. Henrik combines both passions in this 'Vélochef in Europe'; inspiring you to experiment, and to get out and ride.

The book is set out in the four different areas, and the exploration of both the riding and cuisine that can be found in each.

Mallorca is the region that I am most familiar with, as I have visited the island on several occasions, including for the Mallorca312 and Mallorca1127. I have always loved the Mediterranean cuisine that I have been served on the island, as well as the bike riding to be ha…