The St. Boniface Down Everesting

To complete an 'Everesting' you must ascend the height of Everest (8,848 metres); in one ride; on one climb.

The challenge takes the concept of #insearchofup to new heights.

On June 24th 2017, I took on an 'Everesting' of St. Boniface Down, Ventnor (Isle of Wight).

From the seafront, to the radar station at the top of the climb. 38 repetitions would be required, to meet the magic number.

It was one hell of a hill climbing session...


The preparation for the big ride starts weeks before the pedals make their first rotation.

Gearing is chosen. Bikes are fettled. Nutrition is prepared. Bags are packed.

It begins... dawn depart

Up before the sun, even this close to the summer solstice.

Porridge and coffee, at 4am.

Empty roads and dark skies at the start-line.

Mountain in the mist

Fog, wind, and rain.

My own mountain, shrouded in cloud.

Brothers in Arms

The first few hours are a solo affair.

Then, comrades join to provide company for a handful of rain soaked reps.

Mid-morning fuel

The first stop at The Spyglass Inn calls for coffee and cake.

The next few reps, fuelled by sugar and caffeine, are that bit sweeter.


Hours tick pass, and numbers rise.

The height of Mount Kilimanjaro is reached by lunchtime.

Rain clouds clearing

The afternoon starts with a long stint, with a good friend.

Clouds clear, and roads begin to dry. Less tiptoeing down the 25% gradients is required.

Fading light

As the daylight begins to wane, I am riding solo once more.

Pedalling onwards, into the final thousand metres of target ascent.

Bike. Body. Mind.

As the final hours begin, my legs and hands start to show fatigue.

The bike is silent though. Pedals keep on turning.

The last stand

14 hours riding time displays on the clock, as the final ascent begins.

One. Last. Time.

Stand on the pedals. Push upwards towards the clouds.


Just as the legs are calling "no more", the summit is in sight.

Job done. "The Mother Goddess of Earth" climbed.

Coast down to the inn. Sustenance and warmth awaits.

Final numbers

A long day out. A good day in the saddle.

With thanks

A huge thanks to Mum and Dad Wiggins, for their incredible 'support team' work on the day. Thanks to Jack Elton-Walters for some of the great photos above. Thanks also to all those that came out and rode with me, cheered me on, and supported me on the day.

The ride was completed to raise money for the Ellen MacArthur Children's Cancer Trust.

Find out more about the fantastic work the trust does in my first blog post on the challenge.


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