Review - Le Patron CC Casual Cycle Clothing

Le Patron CC Casual Cycle Clothing
Some products impress you, even before you've tried them on. The stylish and unique range of cycling inspired casual wear from Dutch brand Le Patron CC, certainly earns that mark of respect.

The collection of products arrived from The Netherlands in a smart branded box; which opened up to reveal a set of clothing and accessories, with each item neatly packaged in a cotton musette, or wrapped in branded tissue paper.

Removed from its intricate packaging, the quality and detail of the Le Patron CC kit continued to show real promise…

Le Patron CC T-Shirts

Le Patron CC T-Shirts
Over the past few years, I have reviewed and featured a number of cycling inspired tees on Life In The Saddle. Some have shouted "cyclist!" others have been discrete in alluding to their two-wheeled heritage. The Le Patron V-neck tees are definitely the latter of these two (thankfully); they are smart and subtly styled, and would be at home in any smart casual setting.

Made from 100 percent cotton, and pre-washed to avoid any annoying shrinkage; they offer a great level of quality, as well as a great fit for a cyclist. (I am wearing a size Small - my sizes are listed on the Reviews tab).

With great designs, and a unique presentation and feel, these Le Patron CC tees would be a superb gift from any enthusiast rider.

Le Patron CC Tyre Belt

Le Patron CC Tyre Belt

A few years ago, I reviewed a tyre belt from Felvarrom (read the review here); its fun Rasta inspired colours, and skater belt buckle, still hold up many pairs of my jeans to this day.

The Le Patron Tyre Belt is next level up smartness. The branded metal buckle and soft cotton tubular tyre would not look out of place on a pair of suit trousers or chinos.

This is another great quality cycling inspired product; anyone looking closely at your waistline at your next smart function, would be certain that you are a cyclist.

Le Patron CC Swim Shorts

Le Patron CC Swim Shorts

There is no need for a belt on these swimmers; but there probably is a need for a good bit of self-confidence, especially if you have cyclist’s tan lines and legs.

The Le Patron Plagiste shorts are a very well made set of summer trunks, with some unusual and fun graphic designs. Little details like the cotton waistband tensioner add an extra touch of class, while the fabrics themselves seem to be enduring very well with wash and wear.

Le Patron Socks

Le Patron Socks

Finally, a crucial part to any look: socks!

The Le Patron cotton socks are not intended to be riding socks, but rather casual socks that subtly denote that you are a bike rider.

Featuring some great designs, these are comfortable, soft, and very well made. Another great gift idea.

To sum up, the range of casual wear from Le Patron CC sits a level above. Whether you are sat in the boardroom, or on the beach, this kit looks and feels the part. I will happily claim to be a cycling Patron.

Le Patron Socks
Peeking from inside their beautiful cotton musette - the Le Patron CC socks

Le Patron Tee
Beautiful quality and incredible detail in the design.

Le Patron Cycle Clothing
The fabrics and designs on the Le Patron wear really stand out, and fit well

Le Patron Cycle Clothing Review
The attention to detail on the Le Patron kit is superb

Le Patron Cycle Clothing Review
The packaging of the Le Patron wear would make it a great gift for a cyclist

Le Patron Cycle Clothing Review
Fantastic kit from Le Patron


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