Stay Hydrated This Summer - With Erdinger Beer!

Summer months mean (hopefully) hotter weather, longer rides, and post ride BBQ beers. The issue with all three of those, is that they will likely leave you dehydrated.

Dehydration negatively affects performance and recovery, so to get the most from your cycling, you really need to avoid it. Luckily, Erdinger have a solution...

Erdinger Alkoholfrei is an alcohol free weissbrau beer, which actually has isotonic properties. That means it officially classifies as a recovery drink.

Here's the technical side...

What are isotonic drinks?

Isotonic drinks are those that have a similar osmotic pressure to blood; that means a similar number of dissolved particles per litre. This characteristic means they can be absorbed into the blood stream faster than other liquids.

Dissolved particles include polyphenols, vitamins, electrolytes, carbohydrates, sugar, and protein particles. If the concentration of these particles is correct, then isotonic drinks can be absorbed up to four times faster than water - re-hydrating the body in the process. If carbohydrates are present in the particle mix, then isotonic drinks can also be the fastest way to deliver fuel to muscles.

Blood has a particle concentration of 290 mOsmol, and a drink has to be +/- 15% of this value to be classed as "isotonic".

Why should you take isotonic drinks?

Endurance sport depletes body fluid levels; through sweating and a higher breathing rate. Reduced fluid levels (dehydration) decrease sports performance; this is because when you sweat, you also lose essential salts like sodium and potassium; dehydration also thickens the blood, making it harder for your heart to pump around your body.

Drinking an isotonic drink during sport can help to re-hydrate you; as well as deliver carbohydrate to the liver, to be converted into glycogen that can fuel your muscles.

What makes Erdinger Alkoholfrei particularly good as an isotonic recovery drink?

There are many drinks out there that classify as "isotonic" - apple juice is a commonly touted one; Erdinger Alkoholfrei is particularly good though, because of the mix of particulates that it contains. 

Erdinger Alkoholfrei has a particle concentration of 289 mOsmol, which is very similar to blood. It also contains a natural blend of salt and carbohydrates; to help re-hydrate you, and refuel your muscles. Finally, the polyphenols within Erdinger AF have been found to help boost immunity, which is often lowered by intense exercise. It is this mix of properties that make this Weissbier a proper 'recovery drink'.

Enjoy a guilt-free beer

To sum up, you really can enjoy a guilt-free ice cold Erdinger Alkoholfrei after your ride.

This drink will rehydrate you, and help to refuel your muscles; so you are ready to ride again the next day.


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