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Review – Vittoria Terreno Mix GR 2.0 Tubeless Gravel Tyres

The chalk download of the South Coast of the UK is a challenging testing ground for gravel tyres: in the dry, the trails are dusty and strewn with piercing flints; in the wet, the topsoil creates a slimy surface that tests any tyre to find grip. The Vittoria Terreno Mix Graphene 2.0 Tubeless Tyres are one of the few tubeless gravel bike tyres that I have used, abused, and continued to be impressed by – riding in truly varied conditions in this challenging environment. Summer gravel tyres are often semi-slick in profile: offering speed, flow and little rolling resistance. Mud tyres, by contrast, grip well in the slush, but are normally knobbly, noisy, and feel sluggish on any hardpack surface. Can a 'mixed' surface tyres really deliver a good compromise between grip and speed in wet and dry conditions, while also being puncture resistant and robust? Vittoria's Terreno Mix Graphene 2.0 Tyres promise to provide the optimum compromise. The wide-spaced aggressive lugs off

Review – Hammerhead Karoo 2 GPS Cycling Computer

For over five years I have been using a Wahoo ELEMNT for daily rides, trans-continental bike tours, and everything in between; it has done the job admirably, but it hasn't been perfect. Earlier this year, I was introduced to the Hammerhead Karoo 2 GPS Cycling Computer. I was intrigued. This American brand has produced a cycling computer with the power and screen quality of a modern mobile phone, and with some very neat features. After a few months of testing, this is my review… The Hardware Before diving into the functionality of the Hammerhead Karoo 2 GPS, it is worth considering the unit itself and the hardware that it is composed of. The Karoo 2 uses a 3.2" HD colour screen, with 292 PPI; that is significantly more definition than any other cycling computer I have used to date. The unit is housed in a lightweight polycarbonate shell, with the option to customise the colour with add-on kits—as I have done with the funky orange colourway! Inside, there are high-performance

Review – Pro Bike Tool Mini Floor Bike Pump

Pumping up big tyres when you are away travelling can seem like a never-ending workout; the volume of air required means you are looking at hundreds of pumps with a small hand pump. The solution is a mini floor pump, like this example from Pro Bike Tool. The Mini Floor Pump is made from high quality stainless steel, and features a good sized barrel; flip down foot stand, and a good length hose. The larger size and stability of the pump compared to a hand pump makes it a lot easier and quicker to use. Less blisters, more inflation. The hose clips into the pump handle for easy transportation and the pump itself comes with a plastic bracket that allows you to take it with you underneath a bottle cage; although it is worth nothing that it is quite a size to do this and the hose did rattle around a bit when I tried it on my touring bike. Overall, this is a well made, well designed pump that will allow a faster and easier inflation of your tyres than a normal bike hand pump. Disc

Review – OneOdio OpenRock Pro Open Ear Headphones

Listening to music, the radio, audiobooks or podcasts when you are cycling, running or hiking can be a great distraction; even allowing you to multi-task with some educational listening while you do your workout or adventure. Using traditional headphones or earbuds can pose a danger if you reduce your hearing of the ambient surroundings though – sounds that could help warn you of approaching hazards or collisions. Open ear headphones are the solution for safe listening when you are cycling, running or walking; they let you listen to your music, whilst also listening for warning signs. The OpenRock Pro Open Ear Headphones are a great example of open ear headphone technology. OpenRock is part of the OneOdio group – a professional audio brand with 10 years of experience; OpenRock is a sub-brand that focuses on open-ear style earbuds. The OpenRock Pro is an open-ear style earbud, with great sound quality, bass tones, and depth of acoustics. The units use a 16.2mm driver with Tube

Gift Ideas for Adventure Cyclists 2023

Cyclists can be a difficult bunch to choose birthday and Christmas gifts for. I hope that this selection of products will offer some new and interesting options for stocking fillers or birthday gifts for the two-wheeled fanatic in your family or friend group. From bar tape to body lotion, and hip bags to hand torches; there is sure to be something in this gift list that would be a good present for the cyclist you know and love. Marvellous Maps Great Britain Adventure Map I love maps and I love adventure. This Great Britain Adventure Map provides incredibly detailed coverage of the best adventure possibilities that the UK has to offer. From ideas about hiking trips, to beaches, historic highlights, sea kayaking destinations, bicycle touring routes, and long-distance driving routes; there is sure to be something that tickles your fancy and inspires your next adventure. I have spent hours poring over it, and each time I find another highlight that I add to my bucket list of places to ex