Review – Pro Bike Tool Mini Floor Bike Pump

Pumping up big tyres when you are away travelling can seem like a never-ending workout; the volume of air required means you are looking at hundreds of pumps with a small hand pump. The solution is a mini floor pump, like this example from Pro Bike Tool.

The Mini Floor Pump is made from high quality stainless steel, and features a good sized barrel; flip down foot stand, and a good length hose. The larger size and stability of the pump compared to a hand pump makes it a lot easier and quicker to use. Less blisters, more inflation.

The hose clips into the pump handle for easy transportation and the pump itself comes with a plastic bracket that allows you to take it with you underneath a bottle cage; although it is worth nothing that it is quite a size to do this and the hose did rattle around a bit when I tried it on my touring bike.

Overall, this is a well made, well designed pump that will allow a faster and easier inflation of your tyres than a normal bike hand pump.

Disclaimer: Pro Bike Tool supplied a Pro Bike Tool Mini Floor Bike Pump for test and review


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