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2013 Stats: A Year in Review

2013 Totals Total Hours Riding Time:  733 Total Miles: 11,802 Total Kilometres: 18,993 Average Heart Rate: 140bpm Average Speed: 17mph Average Weight: 71.5Kgs Race Statistics Total Races Completed: 13 Criteriums: 5 Road Races:  5 Time Trials: 3 Races Won: 1 Podium Places: 3 Notable Statistics: Favourite Race: Surrey League Milland Hill Longest Ride Distance: 217 Kilometres - New Forest Epic Longest Ride Time: 10:50 hrs riding time - South Downs Way Worst Conditions: April Mountbatten Circuit Race Best Riding Week: The Festive 500 Most Punctures in One Ride: 3 Total Number of Crashes: 2 Worst Race Performance: Mountbatten DNF Favourite Photo Shoot: Solo Arm and Knee Warmers

The 2013 Rapha Festive 500

"Theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die."   Alfred Lord Tennyson "If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it" Albert Einstein 500 kilometres between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. The worst winds and flooding the Isle of Wight has seen for decades, and the fewest daylight hours to ride in... We've been here before. Welcome to the Festive 500 2013... Ride 6: (30/12/2013) - "Finale of Festive Fury" ---- 52.3 Km ---- 737m Elevation Climbed ---- 02:16 Moving Time ---- Strava: Link The final push in a big week of festive miles. The weather hasn't always been on our side, but it has been a great week of riding, with a huge amount of variety and a lot of laughs... bring on next year! Ride 5: (29/12/2013) - "Festive Mud Fest" (Mountain Bikes) ----70.5 Km ---- 1,007m Elevation Climbed ----04:06 Moving Time ---- Strava: Link Sheet ice stopped play this morning and we called an abo

The Benefits of Sports Supplements

We all know that in the perfect world you wouldn't need to supplement your diet; you would get all the nutrients from the food you consume. In reality however that is rarely possible; the amount of certain foods you would have to consume to obtain the right balance of certain nutrients is just not feasible (think intolerances and allergies). This is where supplements come in... in this post I think about three main supplements: vitamins, branch chain amino acids and protein, and why using these supplements may boost your training. Vitamin Supplements Multivitamins are perhaps best viewed as an insurance policy; because with a hectic lifestyle it is sometimes hard to ensure you get all of the nutrients you need to keep functioning at your peak. Vitamin tablets such as the Maxifuel Sports Vitamins are specifically designed for athletes; providing high levels of vitamin C and zinc to support a healthy immune system, as well as calcium and vitamin D to ensure strong bone s

Weekend Watch: 'Melons, Trucks and Angry Dogs' - The TransContinental Race

The mad man in me really wants to give this race a go...    

Review: Shutt Velo Rapide Club Bib Shorts and Socks

Shutt VR Club Bib Shorts The 2013 Club Bib Shorts from Shutt Velo Rapide are a new incarnation for 2013, these are the lowest priced shorts in the Shutt Velo Rapide range, but they are by no means low performance. The shorts have a distinctly retro feel about them. The shiny soft Lycra reminds me of the Adidas Team Sky kit of 2011/12; a high quality fabric with good wear resistance. The mesh straps and back are close fitting and comfortable, and avoid any build up of heat that is sometimes experienced with solid Lycra bibs. The overall fit of the bibs is good; I’m 6ft and the medium size fits me well, with a decent length and stretch in the fabric. The elasticised gripper on the hem seems to work well at holding the shorts in place as well, and doesn’t deteriorate with washing (that can occur with some gel grippers). The pad is foam, and has proven comfortable even on 5.5 hour winter training rides, when I have worn these under the Shutt Velo Rapide Roubaix Tights (Link) .

Photo Blog: KitsBow Mountain Biking Kit

A few weeks ago I received a very generous prize from the guys at KitsBow in the USA. I have been a bit rushed off my feet for the last few weeks, and when I've got a bit more time I will do a full review of the products; but for now, just check out these photos. This clothing has some amazing features...