Review: LOKSAK Waterproof Phone Cases

Mobile phones have become a major part of our lives; they open up a world of communication through a vast number of mediums. But, for anyone that has ever "dunked" their mobile phone, or even just taken it into a very humid area, has probably found out (to their misfortune) that electronics and water definitely don't mix.

I've been using waterproof cases for my mobiles for years now; before cycling it was rowing and before rowing it was sailing. All sports where water is a major presence. Having had a few phones lost to water damage, the extra bulk and slightly reduced functionality of using a waterproof case is quickly seen to be a small price to pay.

LOKSAK is a new brand to the UK; it's a state side company that has a history in producing waterproof equipment, and the LOKSAK water phone cases are just one of their products.

A lot of "waterproof" mobile phone cases are actually really only water resistant, as the zipper or seal is not water tight. For most applications this is sufficient to keep the moisture out, and enables you to safely place a phone in your jersey pocket shielded from sweat and rain. The LOKSAK cases however are claimed to be fully WATERPROOF, in fact they claim to keep water out to a depth of 60 metres!

OK, so unless you fall off the ferry on the way to France you're not going to need that, but it suggests that for normal applications the LOKSAK will be very adequate.

Testing, Testing...

The LOKSAK phone case resembles a very high quality freezer bag at first glance. The perfect size for an iPhone, and also available in sizes for larger smartphones and even tablets. You simply slip in the device and seal it up.

I'm not a diver, so I didn't manage to test these at a 60 metre depth. However, I placed a piece of cardboard inside one of the cases and weighted it at the bottom of a bath for an hour. The image below speaks for itself. It stayed dry. So, these cases are waterproof.

If I have one minor downer to put on them, it is that they appear a little thin, which means they may be marked by keys or other sharp edges that are in their vicinity. Having said that, my test model hasn't been overly damaged and remains airtight, having been in daily use. The benefit of the thinner material is that the phone has very little added bulk and remains fully functional, including the camera!

The LOKSAK cases come in three different combinations:
- iPhone pack of three (£8.99)
- Large smartphone pack of three (£8.99)
- Multipack - 1 iPhone, 1 smartphone, 1 tablet (£10.99)

At those prices (£3 a case for the phone models), the LOKSAK cases present great value, and you've always got a back-up.

Available in the UK from these are well worth checking out.


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