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Island Life – The Best Isle of Wight Takeaway Coffee Stops

On long days in the saddle, a cup of coffee can go a long way to reviving your engine and keeping you riding. The rich dark drink is so much part of cycling culture that last year I wrote a post entitled: Coffee – The Life Blood of Cyclists .  The cafés are open again on the Isle of Wight now (check out my  7 Best Cycling Cafes on the Isle of Wight  post); yet there can often be limited seating capacity inside. So, for when you need that caffeine fix mid-ride, here are the best takeaway coffee stops around the Isle of Wight...  Caffe Isola is still a favourite cafe on the Island If you can, use a reusable mug like these great non-breakable silicone ones from Island Roasted

Good Reads – 'The Cyclist Who Went Out in the Cold' by Tim Moore

The Cold War has always fascinated me. As a historian and a behavioural economist, it presents one of the most turbulent and captivating case studies of human interaction, economic systems, and cultural polarisation. Last year, I read and reviewed Herbie Skyes' ' The Race Against The Stasi ' – it was a great read and a real insight into the cultural and sporting differences imposed under communist control. Tim Moore's 'The Cyclist Who Went Out In The Cold' provides a post-communism view of the countries on the Iron Curtain divide; all from the seat of a communist produced shopping bicycle. His 10,000 kilometre journey along the Iron Curtain Trail (EuroVelo Route 13) is a humorous yet also historically interesting tale of discovery. From his start at the most northern tip of Finland, Tim Moore rides south; through endless snow-covered pine forests, battling with hypothermia, and becoming an expert in the art of sauna meditation. From Finland to Russia

Review – Hutchinson Cycling Tubeless Tyre Fitting and Repair Kit

Hutchinson Tires were a pioneer of tubeless tyre technology—creating some of the first tubeless road and mountain bike tyres in the industry. They have continued the strong brand position with an ongoing range of superb tubeless road, gravel, and MTB tyres. Now, they have branched out into an accompanying range of tubeless kits and accessories—to complete the offering. Many riders are cautious about making the switch to tubeless, having heard about tight tolerances that can make tyres a challenge to fit and seal, the setup being a messy process, and the difficulty to repair a tubeless tyre mid-ride. Keen to address each of the above concerns, Hutchinson Cycling has developed a new range of tubeless tool kits and accessories. Hutchinson Tubeless Valves and Tubeless Rim Tape Hutchinson have released a new tubeless rim tape in 20, 25 and 40 mm widths, as well as universally compatible black conical tubeless valves with the option of 20 mm and 40 mm valve extenders. The rim tape and valve

Explore – 7 Isle of Wight Accommodation Options for Cyclists

In this Explore blog post I consider my lucky seven pick of the top accommodation options for cyclists on the Isle of Wight—from yurts and campsites, to hotels and pubs. These are my seven favourites that will welcome cyclists with open arms and provide you with a great base from which to explore. The lucky seven includes two farms, two hotels, two campsites and a country pub... The Garlic Farm, Newchurch The Garlic Farm offers a wide variety of fantastic self-catering accommodation; from cottages and converted stable blocks, to a cluster of five family fun yurts. All the options are beautifully maintained and spotlessly clean, with private parking and easy access. The on-site restaurant serves exceptional breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, and there is plenty on the farm site to keep children (and adults) amused. This centrally located farm is a perfect base for couples, groups, and families. Tapnell Farm Park, Freshwater Another converted farm, b

Recipe – The Rude Alternative Banoffee Pie

I bloody love banoffee pie. This one is a bit different though... no cream, no biscuits, no syrup, and gluten-free; it sounds like a recipe for disaster. In fact, this Rude Alternative Banoffee Pie is something I dreamed up as a more whole-food plant-based version of the classic. It is not exactly a healthy banoffee pie recipe, but it is a damn sight better than your average. Utilising coconut cream, oat cakes, Rude Health Date Bars, and Bonraw Coconut Sugar; it is still a naughty treat, but without so many of the processed high-cholesterol nasties.  Ingredients  Base 130 grams Rude Health Spelt Oaty Oat Cakes (2.5 pouches) 2x Rude Health Date Peanut and Banana Bars 2 tbsp Butter or Coconut Oil 1 tbsp Maple Syrup Filling 1x 397g Tin Carnation Caramel  2x large ripe bananas 1 tbsp BonRaw Coconut Sugar  1x Can full-fat coconut milk, chilled in fridge Cocoa powder to dust Method Melt the butter on the hob Place all the Base ingredients in a food processor and blitz until they resemble a