Island Life – The Best Isle of Wight Takeaway Coffee Stops

Island Roasted Coffee
On long days in the saddle, a cup of coffee can go a long way to reviving your engine and keeping you riding. The rich dark drink is so much part of cycling culture that last year I wrote a post entitled: Coffee – The Life Blood of Cyclists

The cafés are open again on the Isle of Wight now (check out my 7 Best Cycling Cafes on the Isle of Wight post); yet there can often be limited seating capacity inside. So, for when you need that caffeine fix mid-ride, here are the best takeaway coffee stops around the Isle of Wight... 

Caffe Isola
Caffe Isola is still a favourite cafe on the Island

If you can, use a reusable mug like these great non-breakable silicone ones from Island Roasted


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