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Film Review: 'Chasing Legends'

This week I watched the fantastic 'Chasing Legends' produced by Gripped Films about Team HTC Columbia in the 2009 Tour de France. If you are a cyclist prepare to be glued to your seat, shivers running down your spine as you're inspired by what is undoubtedly the best cycling film I have seen. The up close and personal accounts with riders, journalists, team mechanics, coaches and photographers gives the kind of insight into The Tour that I have never seen before; and trust me I've watched quite a few cycling videos. Gripped Films have really captured the essence of what The Tour means to people - to the riders, a three week period of emotional and physical mountains and troughs. For the spectators; passionate involvement far closer to the action than can be seen in practically any other sport. It is this personal account of the race that allows you to be absorbed into the emotions and thoughts of the teams; and in many ways to really feel that you are there and taking p