Tim Wiggins
Tim Wiggins
"Explore to Create..." is a leading independent cycling blog. Life In The Saddle Ltd. is the flourishing partner business—offering a range of marketing consultancy and bespoke content creation services; ride leading; product testing partnerships; and media collaboration services.

Brand Marketing Consultancy and Content Marketing

Life In The Saddle (Tim Wiggins) has over ten years of experience as a brand marketing manager and consultant, for some of the world's leading cycle and outdoor sports brands and retailers.

From marketing strategy audits, to planning and execution of multi-media marketing campaigns, copywriting, and advertisement management; Life In The Saddle offers a passionate and personal support service for brands and events in the cycling, outdoor sport, and tourism sectors.

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Ambassador Marketing Opportunities

I am a Global Brand Ambassador / Influencer for some of the world's leading cycle, outdoor sports, and wellness brands; including Kona Bikes, 3T Cycling, Weleda, GripGrab, Ritchey Logic, Arkel Bike Bags, and absoluteBlack.

If you are interested in working together to showcase your product on Life In The Saddle channels; as well as creating content for you to use on your own platforms: including blog posts, public speaking events, and rich imagery creation, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please get in touch using the Contact page to discuss collaborations.

Tim Wiggins Dolomites 3T Cycling

Product Testing and Development Partnerships

I ride over 25,000 kilometres a year, on all kinds of bikes—road, cyclocross, gravel, mountain bike, touring, and bikepacking set-ups. The diversity of my riding has offered me the ability to do thorough and confidential Research and Development product testing for many of the world's top cycling brands. 

If you are looking for real life testing of your cycle and outdoor products, let's talk. 

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Tim Wiggins Cycle Product Testing

Ride Leading

Let us ride. Over the course of the last five years I have offered bespoke cycle tour and ride leading services to groups of recreational and corporate clients.

From Mallorca to Provence, and on my home turf on the Isle of Wight—knowledge and experience count for a lot when you are planning cycling vacations, corporate rides, and individual adventures. If you are looking for a friendly and passionate guide for a trip, then please do get in touch.

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Tim Wiggins Cycle Ride Leading


Let me tell you a story. As well as authoring, I have also written for numerous cycling magazines, outdoor websites, and brand publications.

If you would like to propose commissioned work for a journal or magazine publication, it would be fantastic to discuss your ideas.

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Tim Wiggins Stories

Remote Bike Fit Service

With years of experience riding all kinds of bicycles, Life In The Saddle has given me an in-depth knowledge of achieving the most comfortable and injury-free position for endurance bike riding.

My unique 'Remote Bike Fit' service is a five part consultation. Riders supply me with photos and measurements, as well as insights into their niggles and discomforts; we then work together over email and phone to identify and resolve any fit issues, and deliver a comfortable and efficient bike fit for endurance cycling.

For a five-part remote consultation the fixed fee is £150.

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Tim Wiggins Bike Fit

Independent Bicycle Purchasing Advice Consultancy

Purchasing a bike is a big investment. Choosing the right machine for the job will make your riding more efficient, more enjoyable, and safer.

Through Life In The Saddle I have ridden and tested bicycles from the majority of leading brands in the industry and completed thousands of kilometres on all kinds of bikes; from Road to Gravel, MTB, Touring, and Bikepacking.

To help individuals with their decision on bike buying, I offer a truly independent advice service to find the best kind of bike, and the best brand and model for you. For a flat fee, I provide a phone or email consultation with detailed and personal expertise.

The fixed fee for a five-part consultation is £75

Please get in touch using the Contact page to find out more.

Tim Wiggins Kona Rove Ti


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