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Review – Julbo Fury Cycling Sunglasses

Cycling sunglasses do a lot more than just protect your eyes from glare and UV rays; they are also a vital barrier against wind, grit, and overhanging trail surroundings. The Julbo Fury sunglasses are a lightweight set of all-weather riding glasses, which will protect your eyes even in the toughest off-road conditions. I have been testing the Army Green coloured Julbo Fury glasses for the last few weeks and have been highly impressed both by their styling and function. This model comes equipped with a Cat. 1 polycarbonate lens; designed to offer continued clear vision even in poor light conditions—perfect for those late evening and early morning rides. The wide cylindrical one-piece lens sits suspended within a robust but flexible frame; offering impressive ventilation to reduce fogging, as well as a superb level of coverage and protection. The frame is fitted with a flexible shock-absorbing grip insert on the bridge of the nose, as well as Grip Tech arms that hold the glasses firmly i

Review – Aeropress GO Portable Coffee Maker

When it comes to making coffee in the wild , the Aeropress has always been my preferred method. For bikepacking and bicycle touring trips it is the ultimate compact coffee maker. The new Aeropress GO is the brand’s innovation on the already superb design. The GO is smaller, lighter, and has some great functionality improvements. Let us start with how it works… the same as the Aeropress: you place a paper filter in the perforated bottom cup of the chamber, then add scopes of fresh ground coffee to the chamber. You then pour boiled water into the chamber and use the provided stirrer to circulate the grounds. When you have left the mixture to brew for as long as you wish, you take the plunger and push the coffee through the filter into your mug. With the new Aeropress GO the procedure is the same as with the original Aeropress, but there are a few slight changes in the instruments. To make things more compact, the scoop has a smaller handle, and stirrer is foldable; so, both fit ins

Good Reads – 'The Race Against The Stasi' by Herbie Sykes

Post World War Two Europe makes for a fascinating study. At school and university my history and economic history courses delved deep into the political, economic, and social impact of the divisions between the communist bloc and the democratic west during the Cold War period. However, what my studies never really touched on, was sport. So, when the ' Race Against The Stasi'  was published I was sure it would be a compelling read. The historical account follows the life of Dieter Wiedemann—a cycling hero from the GDR (East Germany). Dieter's biography: composed of quotes, news extracts, and letters from his life, is a captivating account. It is story of ambition, success, challenge, and love. The narrative begins with Dieter competing for the GDR in amateur events such as the iconic Peace Race and tours of the communist bloc countries. However, after realising the true extent of political influence on his life and sport, Dieter eventually makes the life-changing decisio

Good Reads – 'Africa Solo' by Mark Beaumont

I have always been a fan of Mark Beaumont's past documentaries and books. Both ' The Man Who Cycled The World ' and ' The Man Who Cycled The Americas ' were superb in their ability to showcase the beauty and captivating cultures seen on long distance bike rides. ' Africa Solo' is an equally interesting story, but in many ways a quite different sequel; and unfortunately, I must admit one that in some ways I found slightly depressing... Mark makes it clear early on in ' Africa Solo ' that the attempt at the World Record from Cairo to Cape Town will be about speed, big miles, and racing the clock. The focus on culture, content creation, and storytelling will be pushed back to second place. I found this rearranged focus to slightly mar what I am sure could be a beautiful story of exploration of the African continent. Mark's previous tales of solo unsupported tours of the Americas and the World were a real immersion in the civilisations seen an

Review – SunGod Vulcans Cycling Sunglasses

The Isle of Wight is sometimes hyped for being the sunniest place in Britain; at least that means that even in the depths of winter I can find a good excuse for a new pair of riding sunglasses… The Vulcans from UK brand SunGod caught my eye a while back, and I have been lusting after a pair ever since. This month, I took the plunge and ordered a pair of the Vulcans TF (half frame) glasses in a classy blue and black colour scheme. They have not failed to impress me… SunGod made their name in the casual sunglasses market, but after moving into the performance eyewear marketplace in the last few years they have been quick to make their mark. The Vulcans are one of two models within the Pace Series by SunGod; the other model is the slightly larger and more angular lens Velans. Both the Pace models share the same ultramodern lens technology, as well as a super adjustable fit, 100 percent UV protection, and a lifetime guarantee. The SunGod Vulcans begin with the robust and comfortable frame.