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Review – Altuvita Cycling Phone Wallet Mk2 (Plus Size)

Protecting your phone and cards when cycling is a necessity; your jersey pocket is bombarded by spray, sweat, and grit — none of those go well with electronics. The Altuvita Cycling Phone Wallet is a neat weather-proof phone wallet that is designed for cycling.  The case is a hard-shell design, which is quite different from the other soft designs that I have reviewed and used in the past . The hard case gives significantly more drop protection for the wallet's contents; the coating material is also water resistant, as is the zipper, so it provides a weather-proof and sweat-proof barrier. Inside the Altuvita Cycling Phone Wallet you get four sleeves that can be used to house cards and paper cash. There is no zipper compartment for coins, but then perhaps few riders carry shrapnel in their pockets these days? The cards are held securely in the slots, with no risk of them slipping out when you open the wallet. On the other side of the wallet is where the phone sits. This Mk2 ver

Review – Steed Bikes Thoroughbred Single Speed Bike

A single speed bike is a beautiful thing: as simplistic and straightforward as they come. Every pedal stroke equates to the same distance travelled; every revolution turning a single chainring and a single cog that moves two wheels forwards. The Steed Bikes Thoroughbred Single Speed bike is one of the most stylish and well-built single-speeds that I have ridden to date. Ian Steed set up Steed Bikes fuelled by a passion for superior design and faultless functionality. He wanted to create a bike that could nip through the city streets every day of the week, while looking and feeling like a premium steed. The Steed Thoroughbred is an affordable but first-class level single speed bike. Based around a steel frame, and with a strong choice of components; it is a real pleasure to ride. The ultimate single speed bike Many single speed bikes you find in the city will be worn-out 'spares bin' bikes, formed of cast offs from other bikes, or bodged together with random parts. The St

Review – Praxis Zayante Carbon M30 Direct Mount Crankset

Do not underestimate the upgrade that a carbon chainset and top-level bottom bracket will have to performance; the crankset of a bike is the primary power transmission tool, and its design therefore plays an integral role in the efficiency, feel, and performance of your bike. The Praxis Zayante Carbon Crankset is one of the best value, best made carbon crankset upgrades you will see on the market today. The name Zayante comes from a redwood tree covered climb in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California; a secret training ground for professionals, and a road steeped in history. The name alludes to the relatively hidden, but undeniably valuable upgrade that the Zayante could make to your performance. The Praxis Zayante Carbon is designed for road cycling or gravel bikes, with ultimate versatility. The carbon crank arms come in lengths of 160 / 165 / 170 / 172.5 and 175 millimetres; built onto a unique stepped Praxis M30 spindle—that requires a Praxis M30 Bottom Bracket to fi

Review – LITELOK X1 High Security Angle-Grinder Resistant Bicycle D-Lock

It is an unfortunate reality that bicycle theft is at an all-time high in the United Kingdom. Yet, brands such as UK-based LITELOK offer some hope – they have been pioneering a new technology to keep your bike safer, even in the highest risk areas. The new LITELOK X D-Lock offers unparalleled security, tested to be " up to 15 times more secure, yet lighter than the best performing D-lock on the market"  thanks to its unique Barronium™ alloy construction. The LITELOK X1 is the first bike lock I have come across that achieves the Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond and ART4 insurance-rated standards, it also meets the 'Police Preferred Specification' of Secured by Design (SBD); these ratings assure that this lock provides the best available protection to secure bicycles, e-bikes, motorcycles and scooters. So, what makes the LITELOK unique? The LITELOK X uses a three layer protection: A hardened fine-grain high-tensile steel core provides inner strength against multiple

Book Review – ‘The Complete Guide to Cycling Psychology’ by Mark Beaumont and Dr Jim Taylor

Mark Beaumont is quite possibly my favourite 'famous' cyclist. His books ' The Man Who Cycled The World'  and ' Africa Solo ' have pride of place on my bookshelf; I have watched his documentaries and interviews on many occasions; and I have even ridden with and interviewed Mark several times. Mark Beaumont is the first to admit that he is not a World Tour professional, nor an Olympic level champion. He is however the Guinness World Record holder for the fastest circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle, and with that I believe he holds the accolade of being one, if not the strongest cyclist on the planet, in terms of spirit and mental fortitude. Considering Mark's incredible endurance achievements on a bike, and his everyday approachability, his latest book ' The Complete Guide to Cycling Psychology' , written in partnership with world-renowned sports phycologist Dr Jim Taylor, was always set to be a winner.  The book takes you through every aspect o

Review – Lezyne Pocket Torque Drive Wrench

The Lezyne Pocket Torque Drive is a compact torque wrench that you can easily slip into a jersey pocket or race-day tool kit. Presented in its own soft-shell case, it gives you with the tool-bits and confidence you need to adjust delicate bike components accurately and easily. When it comes to adjusting stem bolts, seat post clamps, saddle rails and even gear lever clamps, you need to be careful not to overtighten or under tighten the bolts; overtightening could result in stress fractures, whilst under tightening could result in slippage between components. A torque wrench allows you to easily adjust a bolt to the correct torque level. Traditional torque wrenches are bulky items though; they are made for workshop use and not for taking with you on a ride; this presents a problem for ad-hoc adjustments on the go. Leyne's new Pocket Torque Drive is the brand's solution to torque wrench transportation; small and light enough to take with you on your travels. Oozing the fame