Review – Praxis Zayante Carbon M30 Direct Mount 4iiii Power Meter Crankset

Praxis Zayante Carbon M30 Direct Mount Crankset

Do not underestimate the upgrade that a carbon chainset and top-level bottom bracket will have to performance; the crankset of a bike is the primary power transmission tool, and its design therefore plays an integral role in the efficiency, feel, and performance of your bike. The Praxis Zayante Carbon Crankset is one of the best value, best made carbon crankset upgrades you will see on the market today.

The name Zayante comes from a redwood tree covered climb in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California; a secret training ground for professionals, and a road steeped in history. The name alludes to the relatively hidden, but undeniably valuable upgrade that the Zayante could make to your performance.

The Praxis Zayante Carbon is designed for road cycling or gravel bikes, with ultimate versatility. The carbon crank arms come in lengths of 160 / 165 / 170 / 172.5 and 175 millimetres; built onto a unique stepped Praxis M30 spindle—that requires a Praxis M30 Bottom Bracket to fit it in your frame (the BB is available for almost all possible bottom bracket types). Installation of the crank into the bottom bracket is simple—using an 8 mm install/extraction hex key bolt.

I have been testing the Praxis Zayante in a 1X gravel set-up; first with a Praxis 1X Wave tooth chainring, and more recently with a compatible SRAM Direct Mount absoluteBlack oval chainring. Both chainrings were quick and simple to install, and work faultlessly with a 1X 11 speed chain.

Out on the road and trails, the upgrade to a Zayante carbon crankset is immediately apparent. The crank arms feel stiff and light, spinning with ease in the bottom bracket. Push hard on the pedals, and you can feel every watt of power transmitted with silent and smooth efficiency.

To tell you how powerful you really are, the Zayante Carbon Cranks can come with a 4iiii PRECISION power meter installed. This offers an affordable, dependable, and durable solution for training with power—supplying consistent and trustworthy readings. Thanks to the Zayante Carbon's 3-bolt direct-mount interface, riders can also install aftermarket spider-based power-meters from companies such as SRM or Power2Max.

Light. Stiff. Powerful. Durable. Versatile. There is little more you can ask from a crankset, and the Praxis Zayante Carbon delivers on all fronts. Whether you are running a compact double chainset, full size chainset, direct-mount single ring, or any other configuration; the Zayante will supply a strong and durable crankset to allow you to put down the power.

A significant upgrade to any road or gravel bike.

N.B. If you are using carbon fibre cranks for gravel riding, I highly recommend fitting protective 'booties' to the cranks, such as those available from All Mountain Style—this helps protect against stone chips and scratches.

Praxis Zayante Carbon M30 Direct Mount Crankset

Praxis Zayante Carbon M30 Direct Mount Crankset


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