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Review – Yale Maximum Security Defendor Chain and Lock

One positive seen in 2020 is that bicycle usage in the UK has soared—rising an estimated 45% YoY (official statistics TBC). Unfortunately, with increased bicycle usage there is always an accompanying rise in bicycle theft; with more shiny new bikes on the road and an increased demand for bikes, bike theft is more lucrative to criminals than before. The solution to keeping your new bike secure and safe is to invest in a high security bicycle lock, such as the new Yale Maximum Security Defendor Chain and Lock. This 1.1 metre chain and maximum-security coded padlock is a Sold Secure Gold rated product that will keep your pride and joy safeguarded from even the most determined thieves. Yale is a house name in the world of security, but their range of high security bicycle locks is a new element in their portfolio. They have however produced a superb set of products to meet the cyclist's demand. The Yale Maximum Security Defendor Chain is a 10 mm titanium reinforced hexagonal hardened s

12 From 12 – Photo Highlights of 2020

Twelve photos to reflect on twelve months of a quite different and challenging year. There have been no races, events, multi-week tours or distant destinations in 2020; yet here are twelve images that showcase a year that has still been fun and enjoyable in many ways... January January – The Kona Sutra Ltd arrives, in anticipation of the 2020 Tour Divide. This bike was built for 3200 miles of off-road exploration. I have enjoyed riding it around the Isle of Wight and the Dolomites this year, but it is still definitely destined for greater adventures... February  February – The XPDTN3 Algarviana . This was my last escape from the UK for a while. An amazing gravel adventure across the width of Portugal, just before the world went into lockdown. March March – Back in the UK, I took to tearing up the trails and tracks of the Isle of Wight; riding a different kind of bike everyday and making sure no route was ever the same was a way to add diversity and interest within the confines of the

Review – Deuter Trans Alpine Pro 28 Mountain Biking Backpack

There are few backpack brands that have so rich a heritage as Deuter; and there are probably no other mountain biking backpacks that have the prestige of the Deuter Trans Alpine Pro. I have always known someone that has one of these iconic go-anywhere packs, then this year I had the chance to own and test one myself. Here is my review… The Deuter Trans Alpine Pro 28 is designed for epic adventures. The rugged design, extensive storage options, comfortable back system harness, and bike-specific features create a backpack that will carry your kit safely and securely on explorations into the most testing terrain. A Comfortable Carry  The harness design is the thing that sets great mountain biking backpacks apart from good ones. The Deuter Trans Alpine Pro 28 features a superbly comfortable back system—combining Deuter's AirStripes technology with Air-Mesh shoulder and waist straps. Anatomically shaped breathable shoulder straps adjust to your torso, while a sternum strap and 'h

Christmas Gift Ideas and Stocking Fillers for Cyclists 2020

Cyclists can be a tricky bunch when it comes to Christmas gifts, with their peculiar fashions and particular tastes. These gift ideas for cyclists are my personal suggestions for great presents that almost any bike rider would appreciate. From solutions for smelly feet and long dark wet winter rides, to cleaning kits, care products, and the finest coffee outside of Italy. There should be something for cyclists of all backgrounds and ages—whether you are looking for a Secret Santa idea, special gift, or simply a stocking filler. Muc-Off Rainproof Essentials Case With the Muc-Off Rainproof Essentials Case you can keep your valuables clean and dry as you ride through the winter weather. Made with a water-resistant fabric and featuring a waterproof zipper; the jersey pocket-sized wallet can house essentials like a phone, keys, cards, and coins; or mechanical aids like a multitool and inner tube. The internal divider and zippered compartment mean you can keep objects separated to avoid dama

Review – Santini Adapt Winter Cycling Bib Tights

Santini remain a historic brand in the world of cycling, yet their products are far from antique. The Santini Adapt Winter Bib Tights are some of the most technically advanced and best performing winter cycle wear I have used to date; using state-of-the-art Polartec fabrics, seamless technology, and a fantastic fit. These are ideal cycling tights for spring/fall and early winter riding. The Adapt range from Santini is designed for versatility. As the name suggests, the fabrics chosen for these products are intended to be suitable for a wide range of temperature and weather conditions. The Adapt Bib Tights glean their adaption capabilities from the Polartec Smartwool fabric used in their construction. Smartwool is a unique blend of wool and synthetic yarns; creating a fabric that holds all the exceptional thermo-regulation capabilities of wool, but with added durability and improved wicking capabilities of synthetics. The Powerwool fabric really is next-level. It is beautifully so

Review – Nomad Eyewear Airwave Cycling Sunglasses

Retro cool. That is the best way to describe the all-new Airwave Ulladulla sunglasses from UK brand Nomad Eyewear. With a frame made from 100% recycled plastic, and a fully polarised P8K™ lens; these are an affordable, protective, and stylish set of cycling glasses. Nomad Eyewear have been making casual sunglasses for many years, but this recent foray into performance cycling eyewear is an exciting development. The brand has some impressive credentials and ideas; with all their glasses being carbon neutral, 100% UVA/UVB protective, and built to last with screwless hinges. The Airwave glasses are designed to perform. They weigh a tiny 29-grams, feature a secure fitting rubber nose piece, and offer optional interchangeable lenses for different light conditions. As a complete package they are a set of glasses that you could comfortably use for riding all year round. Sat comfortably and securely on your nose, the Nomad Airwave offers impressive coverage, as well as a distinctive ret