Review – Yale Maximum Security Defendor Chain and Lock

Yale Maximum Security Chain Lock Review
One positive seen in 2020 is that bicycle usage in the UK has soared—rising an estimated 45% YoY (official statistics TBC). Unfortunately, with increased bicycle usage there is always an accompanying rise in bicycle theft; with more shiny new bikes on the road and an increased demand for bikes, bike theft is more lucrative to criminals than before.

The solution to keeping your new bike secure and safe is to invest in a high security bicycle lock, such as the new Yale Maximum Security Defendor Chain and Lock. This 1.1 metre chain and maximum-security coded padlock is a Sold Secure Gold rated product that will keep your pride and joy safeguarded from even the most determined thieves.

Yale is a house name in the world of security, but their range of high security bicycle locks is a new element in their portfolio. They have however produced a superb set of products to meet the cyclist's demand.

The Yale Maximum Security Defendor Chain is a 10 mm titanium reinforced hexagonal hardened steel chain—a design resistant to all cutting devices. The chain is accompanied by a chunky and robust high-security padlock that is pick, pull, bump, and drill resistant. The padlock is housed in a durable rubber case and supplied with four laser cut keys, one of which has a neat built-in light to help you guide it to the padlock key chamber.

Overall, the Yale Maximum Security Defendor Chain and Bicycle Lock is as sturdy and reliable as they come. I would feel confident chaining my bike up with this and leaving it, even in high-risk areas. A worthwhile investment for any bike owner.

Yale Maximum Security Defendor Chain and Lock

Yale Maximum Security Defendor Chain and Lock

Disclaimer: Yale UK supplied a Yale Maximum Security Defendor Chain Lock for test and review


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