Review – Deuter Trans Alpine Pro 28 Mountain Biking Backpack

Deuter Trans Alpine Pro 28 Test Review

There are few backpack brands that have so rich a heritage as Deuter; and there are probably no other mountain biking backpacks that have the prestige of the Deuter Trans Alpine Pro. I have always known someone that has one of these iconic go-anywhere packs, then this year I had the chance to own and test one myself. Here is my review…

The Deuter Trans Alpine Pro 28 is designed for epic adventures. The rugged design, extensive storage options, comfortable back system harness, and bike-specific features create a backpack that will carry your kit safely and securely on explorations into the most testing terrain.

A Comfortable Carry 

The harness design is the thing that sets great mountain biking backpacks apart from good ones. The Deuter Trans Alpine Pro 28 features a superbly comfortable back system—combining Deuter's AirStripes technology with Air-Mesh shoulder and waist straps.

Anatomically shaped breathable shoulder straps adjust to your torso, while a sternum strap and 'hip-fin' waist belt pull the pack in close to your body for a secure fit. An internal flexible steel frame then ensures even distribution of weight throughout the pack's length and helps to stabilise the load.

To keep you dry and comfortable, Deuter's AirStripes draw in air from below, allowing it to circulate through the padding on the rear of the pack. The design minimises contact area so your back is not pressing into the padding un-necessarily—allowing it to breathe and dry.
As a whole, the back system is supremely comfortable and built to last. It even features reinforced webbing on the top of the shoulder straps in case you need to shoulder your bike in a hike-a-bike escapade. 

You can wear this rucksack all day long and be confident of a comfortable and secure fit.

Infinite Storage and Organisation 

Boasting about the number of storage pockets on a bag may sound like the realms of an OCD organiser (I admit to having some of those tendencies); but good organisation and storage of kit will ensure items stay protected and easily accessible when you need them most. The Deuter Trans Alpine Pro 28 excels in its storage offering.

On the outside of the pack there is a stretch webbing compartment that can house a helmet or soggy gear. If your wet kit needs stowing more securely, then you can utilise the wet storage compartment in the base of the bag.

Moving towards the back panel of the pack you then have an extensive pocketed storage compartment suitable for organising tools, spares, pumps, and valuables. This compartment zips wide open for easy access of all the contents.

The larger main compartments consist of one central full-length storage area, then a dedicated hydration bladder hanger area against the back-panel of the backpack.

Finally, there are some further neat storage additions such as a valuables/map pocket right against the back of the pack, a sunglasses storage loop on the shoulder strap, two stretch side pockets for bottles, and mesh pockets built into the hip belt.

This extensive storage system means everything has a place where it can be quickly and safely stowed.


With its superbly comfortable harness system and well thought out storage, the Deuter Trans Alpine Pro 28 offers everything you could ask of an off-road adventure backpack. 

Whether you are riding the Mont Blanc Trail or exploring your local hills on a big day out; the Trans Alpine Pro keeps your kit safe and secure, and it is comfortable enough to almost forget you are wearing it.

Built to last and designed for adventure. The Deuter Trans Alpine Pro 28 is still one of the best mountain bike packs on the market.

Disclaimer: Deuter GB supplied Life In The Saddle with a Deuter Trans Alpine Pro 28 Rucksack for test and review


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