12 From 12 – Photo Highlights of 2020

Tim Wiggins CyclingTwelve photos to reflect on twelve months of a quite different and challenging year. There have been no races, events, multi-week tours or distant destinations in 2020; yet here are twelve images that showcase a year that has still been fun and enjoyable in many ways...


Tim Wiggins Cycling
January – The Kona Sutra Ltd arrives, in anticipation of the 2020 Tour Divide. This bike was built for 3200 miles of off-road exploration. I have enjoyed riding it around the Isle of Wight and the Dolomites this year, but it is still definitely destined for greater adventures...


Tim Wiggins Cycling
February – The XPDTN3 Algarviana. This was my last escape from the UK for a while. An amazing gravel adventure across the width of Portugal, just before the world went into lockdown.


Tim Wiggins Cycling
March – Back in the UK, I took to tearing up the trails and tracks of the Isle of Wight; riding a different kind of bike everyday and making sure no route was ever the same was a way to add diversity and interest within the confines of the Island.


Tim Wiggins Cycling
April – I feel blessed to call the Isle of Wight my home. As the months of lockdown rolled past, and my calendar of foreign trips and work projects disintegrated in front of my eyes, I was eternally grateful for views like these...


Tim Wiggins Cycling
May – A birthday ride out to the local bakery. Spinning home in the sunshine along the Military Road is always a great chance to reflect on life and put things into perspective. 


Tim Wiggins Kona Isle of Wight
June – After a brief trip to the West Country to explore by sail boat and kayak, it was back to the Island by mid-June; to enjoy the dry summer trails and rides with good friends. 


Tim Wiggins Kona Isle of Wight
July – Summer continues with tours around the Island to capture the ever changing beautiful summer scenery. 


Tim Wiggins Cycling
August – A fantastic ride with two great friends; to showcase the amazing gravel riding opportunities on the Isle of Wight for an article in Cyclist Off-Road magazine.



Tim Wiggins Cycling
September – An escape, for a three day exploration of the Italian Dolomites. Travel still feels strange, but this was an essential work project; as well as a much welcomed change of scenery and a chance to visit the mountains. 


Tim Wiggins Cycling
October – Guiding a group of friends new and old around the Isle of Wight—to promote the tourist board's 'Drive Less. See More' campaign of sustainable tourism. A fantastic day in the saddle.


Tim Wiggins Cycling
November – A sunrise ride. The beauty of nature continues to be a highlight of every day. My morning rides are headspace, gratitude, and a chance to still feel connected with an ever more isolated world.



Tim Wiggins Cycling
December – Capturing the first frosty morning. December brought many storms to the Isle of Wight, but I kept riding; right up until Christmas Day morning, when a crash on black ice left me with a fractured forearm. It looks like the start of 2021 will be a restful few weeks...

A challenging year, but one still full of many beautiful moments and memories

Many thanks to my colleague and riding buddy James Cripps for capturing the title image, as well as June, August, September and October.  


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