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Race Report: Malmesbury Road Race

Today was my first road race since the Ras de Cymru (far too long a gap - but this is not the place to explain the reasons for that). I came away with a top fifteen result I think, which I was satisfied with; not pleased, but satisfied given the last week... The last week has been a long one. Last Friday I came down with flu; a chest infection and sinus infection combo. I was meant to be racing on Sunday, but instead spent most of the weekend in bed. Bank holiday Monday was a right-off as well, and I didn't touch the bike all weekend.  Tuesday morning I went off to Eurobike; the world's biggest bike trade show in Germany. I hadn't got shot of the cold, but there was no way I was missing this. The event was an incredible experience, and there was so much to see ( Link to Wiggle Blog articles ). It was three very long days though; on our feet from first thing in the morning until last thing at night. By the time I got home at 1:30am on Friday morning I was pretty

Photo: Marginal Gains in a Time Trial

Spotted this on the POC Sports stand at Eurobike this week, some interesting numbers...

Review: Rokform iPhone Case and Bike Mounts

In a world where Strava and other mobile GPS tracking apps are becoming a core part of riding, iPhone and mobile handlebar cases are one of the easiest ways of using your iPhone as a very high-tech bike computer. Rokform is an American brand, that specialises in high quality mobile phone cases and mounts; designed to allow you to take your mobile with you out on the road or trails, and keep it safe and visible throughout the ride. In this review I take a look at their V3 mountable iPhone case and their two handlebar mounting options. Rokform iPhone 5c Mountable Protective Case First up, the case; a thermo-moulded plastic protective layer that both protects your iPhone from knocks and bumps, but also enables you to mount it into the Rokform mounts.  The case is quick and easy to fit, sliding onto the phone and clicking into position. It provides effective protection for all the vulnerable corners of the phone, and also from "twisting", which is one of the w

Review: adidas Supernova Jersey and adiStar Bib Shorts

Adidas doesn't need a whole lot of introduction, the 'three stripes' have been featuring on sports kit since 1920, and in that period they've kitted out millions of runners, footballers and swimmers (amongst many other sports-people) in great kit. Their foray into cycling kit has been relatively recent though, and they first started to really get noticed with their sponsorship of Team Sky for their inaugural year in 2010. Since then, their range of products has expanded significantly, and it's well worth a look, so in this review I trial their mid-range Supernova jersey and adiStar bib shorts. adidas Supernova Jersey Straight out of the box, the Supernova jersey looks interesting and unique; the climalite fabric instantly speaks of breathability, and the mesh underarms, wide sleeve grippers and four rear pockets promise to make riding comfortable and easy in the summer months. Adidas have clearly spoken to cyclists about how they would like their jerseys

Review: Swrve Modal Tees

Swrve is a very cool brand, it's apparel that is made to look casual, but also to function very well on the bike. In the past I've reviewed their WWR Trousers , Durable Cotton Trousers and Indigo Jeans . In this review I turn to their tops, and take a look at their Modal tees, both in the long and short sleeve variety. The Modal range is a collection of cotton tops that have the positive qualities of bamboo, but without the drawbacks of bamboo tops, which tend to stretch with use. Modal fibres are 100% natural and derived from beech tree wood; it's a natural wicking material, so draws moisture away from the skin leaving you warm and dry, and much like Merino and bamboo, Modal is also naturally anti-bacterial. The Modal fabric is a new phenomenon for me, but it is impressively comfortable; the close knit structure means that is is soft on the skin and a great insulator, despite its high breathability. It also seems to last extremely well; coming out of the wash look

Review: Secret Training Race Day Personal Care Kit

Considering cyclists tend to be gear fanatics, we are surprisingly often a bunch that are hard to find good gifts for. We only want the latest, the greatest, that  saddle, that frame; if it's not the right one, then it's probably not going to make your best bike. For that reason, it's always great to find products that really are great gift ideas for cyclists; products which you could give to any two-wheeled enthusiast, and it would bring a smile to their face. I reckon that the Secret Training Race Day Personal Care Kit is one of those... Secret Training might seem an odd name for a company that currently provides predominately care products, but it has an interesting background. Founded by Tim Lawson, a European Track Cycling Champ and highly accomplished cyclocross racer, it is designed to give you the edge in tough race conditions. Tim Lawson explains the ethos behind 'Secret Training' very well on his blog: ... " Tips and advice (from coaches)