Taking A Week Off...

Sometimes you need a break, and last week I decided it was definitely one of those times.

Things have been a bit hectic. In June I did the 303km Dragon Ride, and didn't really recover that well from it, going straight back into normal training and feeling drained as a result. With the Ras de Cymru approaching, I tried ramping things up again towards the end of June, but didn't really feel the benefits, and lacked the high power output that I needed for the event in early July (report here).

Going straight back into work and the normal routine after the Ras meant very little respite there either, and just the 220km of commuting that I do each week felt like a struggle. I was worn down, tired and loosing my riding mojo. Over-training and tiredness were the principal culprits.

So, last week I did something that I haven't done in as long as I can remember. I hung up my bike for over a week, and went sailing to France; enjoying some good food, lots of sleep, and plenty of relaxation (some of you may have seen the photos on Instagram).

The results have been beneficial for sure. This week, despite going back into a manic week of work leading up to RideLondon, I feel like I have my riding enjoyment back. I've extended every commute I've done, I feel fresher than I have in a long time, and I feel like I've got far more energy.

Sometimes you need a break, and this one really seems to have done me some good. If in doubt, don't worry about taking a week off, it won't kill you. Keep it fresh and enjoy some other kind of sport for a week; you'll start enjoying 'Life In The Saddle' a whole lot more when you return.
Honfleur in Northern France - some much needed relaxation on a week off.


  1. Been there before mate. Over training and not taking enough rest is a fatal mistake.

    Sadly we all learn the hard way but it's essential to listen to your body.

    A week off the bike works wonders.

    Good luck with Ride London. I was unsuccessful in the ballot for the 2nd time running.

  2. I'm not riding unfortunately mate, two more days off the bike working the event for the marketing team. Should be good fun, although I'm sure it will leave me itching to get on the bike


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