Review: Rokform iPhone Case and Bike Mounts

In a world where Strava and other mobile GPS tracking apps are becoming a core part of riding, iPhone and mobile handlebar cases are one of the easiest ways of using your iPhone as a very high-tech bike computer.

Rokform is an American brand, that specialises in high quality mobile phone cases and mounts; designed to allow you to take your mobile with you out on the road or trails, and keep it safe and visible throughout the ride. In this review I take a look at their V3 mountable iPhone case and their two handlebar mounting options.

Rokform iPhone 5c Mountable Protective Case

First up, the case; a thermo-moulded plastic protective layer that both protects your iPhone from knocks and bumps, but also enables you to mount it into the Rokform mounts. 

The case is quick and easy to fit, sliding onto the phone and clicking into position. It provides effective protection for all the vulnerable corners of the phone, and also from "twisting", which is one of the worst culprits of screen damage. There is no screen protection provided with this case, but there is enough room to fit a clear screen protector on (£1 from amazon), which will help to protect the face from scratches.

The mounting aspect of the case comes through a 25 degree twist mount on the rear. Provided with the case you get an adhesive mount, which can be used on a flat surface such as a car dashboard, and enables you to clearly have the case visible at all times. 

The case seems to be well made, looks smart and has already protected my iPhone from a few drops and knocks. There is no waterproof protection with it, but the benefit of that is that all the buttons, camera and ports retain all their usability.
Rokform iPhone Case
All ports remain accessible on the Rokform case
Rokform iPhone Case
The rubber fill on the back of the case is effective at reducing sliding on shiny surfaces
Rokform iPhone Case
Note: A plastic plug is also provided to fill the hole on the 25 degree mount, when not in use.

Rokform Bike Mount (Stem Mount)

This is a neat little design, and something that I was interested in from the outset, quite different from other iPhone case mounts I have seen.

The mount works by removing the stem cap, and then securing the mount to the steerer tube with the stem bolt (a longer stem bolt is provided). The result is a very secure fix, which has no hint of shaking or twisting round, like some handlebar mounted solutions.

The angle of the mount can be adjusted by a second strong stainless bolt, and enables you to tailor the screen angle to make it most visible, it also means that even with shorter stems you have room to fit the phone in place without hitting the forward stem clamp. 

The iPhone mountable case mounts on with a double secure feature: first there is the 25 degree mount, which provides a positive locking mechanism; this is backed up with an optional strong magnet, which is hidden in the rubber bung on the back of the case. This double system works very well, and there is no rattling or hint of disconnection even with off-road ventures. I would recommend using the magnet though, it seems the strength of this system is in the combination of the two, with the magnet ensuring that the case doesn't rotate and unlock.

My only discontent with the Rokform system is that there is no waterproof or dust protection for the phone. As the last picture in the collection below shows, you are provided with a waterproof case, but it is a poor solution at best, and given that you are likely to want to use this in all weather; including dusty summers and wet winters, it seems that a waterproof protection element is missing from the design.

Other than that though, this is a great mounting solution, and provides a secure fit for any phone in an iPhone case.
Rokform Mount
The Rokform mount provide a nice in-line mount for the iPhone
Rokform Mount
A 25 degree turn releases the phone from the mount, so it is worth using the magnet to keep it secure
Rokform Mount
The mount looks smart, and uses high quality materials
Rokform Mount
The angle of the mount is adjusted with a second bolt close to the stem bolt

Rokform Mount
The only waterproofing solution for the Rokform case and mount, it is a bit of a compromise at best.

Rokform Handlebar Mount

The final element in the Rokform bike mount range is the handlebar mount; which could also be used on a buggy, or any tubular design. 

This mount uses a rubber strap to secure itself around the handlebar or stem, and can be tailored to the size with the ratchet system and/or a provided rubber gripper. The mount seems secure on the bar, and even with a tapered handlebar it didn't move or rotate on rough ground.

Personally, I prefer a stem mounted iPhone solution, just because it is a bit prone to getting in the way of your knees when mounted on the handlebar. I found that you could also use this mount on the stem, if the stem was long enough.

The mount uses the same 25 degree turn system as on all the other mounts, with some added safety coming from a press-down release tab. It felt secure, and didn't once fall off during testing; the tab seems like a worthwhile addition when there is no magnet to doubly secure the case on this design.

The Rokform cases and mounts seem like a great option then; secure, well made, minimalist (not bulky), and strong. Their only downfall is the lack of waterproofing, but if you live (or only ride) in a dry climate, these are a very strong option when considering taking your phone as your cycle computer.

The mount is simple to use, and has an extra security tab to keep your phone in place 
If your stem is long enough, you can also use this as a stem mount
The only problem with the handlebar position is that it can interfere with your knees whilst riding


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