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Review – KOO ALIBI Cycling Sunglasses

KOO's ALIBI sunglass caught my eye earlier this year. With their half-frame design, sturdy looking Grilamid arms, and ventilated lens for clarity of vision; they are an impressive pair of cycling sunglasses. When the brand announced the release of their new 'Galaxy' collection within the ALIBI range, I felt compelled to give them a try… The Super Blue MR colour is a cool and space-inspired option from the Italian brand, with a Category 3 protection high-performance cylindrical polycarbonate lens by Zeiss. The vision clarity is outstanding, and mounted up the glasses feel secure and comfortable thanks to their grippy arms and nose piece. KOO glasses that I have tried in the past have always had a quality feel about them, and the ALIBI is no different; these glasses look the part and allow you to keep riding on or off-road in comfort and with great clarity of vision. >> Shop the KOO ALIBI Galaxy collection here Disclaimer: KOO provided a pair of KOO ALIBI GALAXY

Book Review – '100 Greatest Cycling Climbs Tour de France' and 'Another 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs' by Simon Warren

Simon Warren's '100 Greatest Climbs' has become an iconic bucket list for hill climbing enthusiasts across the UK. In recent years, Simon has branched out into many more editions focussing both on localised regions of the UK e.g. 'Cycling Climbs of Wales' as well as further afield in volumes such as '100 Greatest Cycling Climbs of Spain'.  The latest addition to Simon's library is 'Another 100 Greatest Climbs' and '100 Greatest Climbs of the Tour de France'. Both brilliant pocket-sized books that give you all the information you need to create the ultimate climbing bucket list. 'Another 100 Greatest Climbs' promises to be " Longer, Higher and Steeper! " than the original 100 Climbs volume. How?  ' Longer' because Cragg Vale is the longest continuous uphill gradient in the whole of England; 'Higher' because Belanch-na-Bà is Simon's new favourite climb; and 'Steeper'  because Vale Street in B