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Review – dhb Aeron Lab All Winter Polartec Jacket

The dhb Aeron Lab All Winter Polartec Jacket is one of the most technically advanced winter cycling jackets that I have tested and reviewed to date. Combining three of Polartec's leading fabric technologies, dhb have been able to create a jacket that is exceptional in all areas of protection, breathability, and thermal regulation. The Aeron Lab collection is dhb's range-leading line—a selection of products that push the boundaries of what can be done with fit and function of cycling apparel. It is an impressive range to see; especially for me, as I watched first-hand the brand grow from a budget beginner into an award-winning label. The dhb Aeron Lab All Winter Polartec Jacket is a softshell jacket designed to be both your mid-layer insulation and outer layer protection; worn with just a base layer underneath in temperatures down as low as zero degrees Celsius. Like all winter layers though, it must deliver flexibility and adaptability to a range of temperatures; it does

Explore – Le Tour de Wight – Isle of Wight Road Cycling Tour

Last year I published a post on ' 7 Essential Ingredients for an Isle of Wight Bike Ride ' — they included highlights such as historical landmarks, beaches, café stops, and quiet country lanes. In this post, I have put together the 'Tour de Wight' — a custom made route that links together elements of all these highlights, and creates a road cycling tour that will show you the best of the Isle of Wight. The route is 100 miles long, starting and finishing at the Wightlink car ferry terminal at Fishbourne. This is a convenient starting point, but you could also begin from East Cowes, Cowes, Yarmouth, or Ryde Esplanade without needing to ride too much extra distance to join the route. From Fishbourne, the route heads south over the Downs towards Newchurch. Here you turn onto the Sustrans bike path towards Newport and continue through to the crossing at Horringford — a great piece of bike path that demonstrates the efforts made to reuse old railway line routes as bike p

Review – Xendurance Nutrition Range

The range of sports nutrition products from Xendurance holds some impressive claims. Their XENDURANCE lactic buffer claims 26% reduction in fatigue, 6x reduced muscle damage, and 39% reduction in oxidative stress; while their Hydro-X product boasts impressive anti-cramp properties. I have been testing them out over the last few months… XENDURANCE Lactic Buffer Tablets In clinical studies, XENDURANCE helped participants reduced exercise induced lactic acid build-up, reduce muscle soreness, increase their aerobic threshold, and help them to a faster recovery. The product's science rests on three pillar ingredients: papain, catechins, and electrolytes. Papain is a protease enzyme derived from papaya, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory to help repair and rebuild muscle tissue. Catechins are one of the most powerful anti-oxidants; helping to fight oxidative stress during exercise. Electrolytes are there to improve hydration and assist in returning the body to its natural PH bala