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Review – Shokz OpenFit Open Ear Headphones

I have been using Shokz (previously Aftershokz) open ear headphones for almost a decade now, and their performance is second to none in terms of sound quality, build quality and design. The new OpenFit from Shokz offers an ultra-lightweight, open-ear construction without the band design used on the OpenRun Pro, making it more suitable for everyday wear as well as for active sports pursuits. The flexible ear hook design of the OpenFit headphones allows it to fit to any ear shape, and remain securely and comfortably in place for hour upon hour of listening. The DirectPitch™ technology produces an immersive audio experience with deep bass notes and fantastic clarity, whilst still allowing you to listen to the external environment and maintain your situational awareness. Battery life on the Shokz OpenFit is superb, with each charge offering 7 hours of listening, and each full charge of the case/unit offering 28 hours of listening. A useful fast-charge function also allows you to top u

Personal Care – Outdoor Wellness Essentials from Weleda

Outdoor pursuits in the winter months are tough on your skin, body and immune system. Windburn and cold temperatures take their toll on delicate skin, while your body often takes knocks and abuse in cold temperatures. The range of skincare and wellness products from Weleda is what keeps me functioning at my best through the freezing and wet months; this collection of products is my personal go-to. >> Use the discount code TIM24 to get 30% off Weleda at     Winter Skincare Weleda Skin Food Face Care provides you with the protection, rejuvenation and cleansing that your face needs when it is being blasted by rain, wind and snow. Start using the Nourishing Day Cream to hydrate and soften the skin before heading out into the elements, then cleanse with the Nourishing Cleansing Balm and Nourishing Night Cream when your day of adventuring is done. The Skin Food range has long been my favourite range of moisturisers, providing un-matched levels of soothing and protecti

Review – Osprey Escapist Bikepacking Frame Bag (Medium)

Osprey has an earned reputation as one of the best backpacking brands in the world, with their innovative designs and lightweight but durable packs being used in some of the extreme adventures and by many everyday outdoor enthusiasts. As a result, when they announced their launch into the world of bikepacking bags I was immediately interested; if their on-bike luggage options are as good as their hiking bags then they will certainly make a great impression. Osprey already has an extensive mountain biking backpack collection, with a dedicated department focussing on bike-specific designs; so, it was a logical step to launch the Escapist collection to target the bike adventure market and the growing bikepacking community. I was sent Osprey’s new Escapist Bikepacking Frame Bag to test, and over the last month it has been put through its paces on my Kona Private Jake gravel/cyclocross bike, with some very positive results… New Escapist Bikepacking Bag Range All the on-bike bags in

#FrozenFjords – Bikepacking Across Norway's Ice Fields

How far can we ride into the frozen wilderness? Will we experience comfort or despair under a blanket of snow? Will we find grip and traction on ice rink roads? Will we freeze? These questions, and many more alike, flash through our minds as we leave the port of Copenhagen — our ferry steaming ahead towards Oslo, the Norwegian fjords and the snow-covered forests beyond. An adventure into the unknown for three intrepid bikepacking musketeers. It is thick fog as we cruise into the Oslo fjord the following morning. The sun rises low in the sky, and we catch glimpses of the snow-covered landscape on the horizon. This is the land of the Vikings, and we'll need to summon their courage to ride out into the frozen wilderness. Our spiked ice tyres rumble on the tarmac as we head north west out of the city and into the hills. The roads soon empty of cars, and the snow deepens on the verges. It is not long before we leave the tarmac behind, ducking under a barrier that signals the start of a