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Review – Ortlieb Accessory Pack Waterproof Handlebar Bag

Over the years I have tested countless handlebar bags, both for multi-day bikepacking expeditions and for everyday adventures; in that time, I have created a mental five-point checklist of all the things a compact handlebar bag must deliver on and feature: 100% waterproof – it needs to keep its contents safe and dry; otherwise, tools will go rusty, and you will need to take it off the bike every time you wash it or ride in the rain.  Secure Velcro mounting – straps are better than buckles in my experience, causing less damage to handlebars and allowing for maximum versatility.  Below computer mounting – it needs to hang below the horizontal level of the handlebar, so it does not conflict with the computer mount, but not so low that it hits the front wheel.  Durability – it needs to stand the test of time and constant use. This means the materials need to cope with prolonged periods of dampness and the buckles or zips need to last.    Compact size – large enough to fit all essential

Should We Use Stainless Steel Bicycle Water Bottles?

We typically give little thought to the negative effects that the classic plastic cycling 'bidon' might have on the environment, planet, and our personal health. But perhaps we should… A plastic bicycle bottle is found on almost every cyclist's frame. Whilst most amateurs will at least use their water bottle more than once (many professionals treat them as single use!), this plastic vessel is far from a sustainable or healthy option. Let's consider some of the squeezable plastic bottle's downfalls:      1) Non-Recyclable – The majority of (reusable) plastic bicycle bottles are not very easily recycled. Unlike single use PET water bottles, reusable plastic sports bottles can be made of a variety of different plastics, and whether they are recycled depends on how advance your local waste collection service is. You can find out what your bottle is made from by looking at the recyclable symbol on the base; the number inside the triangle indicates what the bott