Review – Victorinox Bike Multi Tool Kit

Victorinox bike tool review
I have a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife that has featured in my 'every day carry' for almost a decade; it still performs like new and is an invaluable asset. I recently discovered that the Swiss brand makes a bike tool, and I was keen to see if it lives up to the same exacting Swiss standard.

The Victorinox Bike Tool is effectively a mini socket set: the magnetic 5mm hex key detaches from the tool holder and then you fit any bit piece to it: the range includes 2-6mm hex keys, a T25 Torx key, and flat and cross-head screwdriver bits. All the bit pieces are made from high tensile stainless steel and have a very good fit in bolt heads—promising not to round off fittings, if used correctly.

The body of the tool also features two clip-in tyre levers that are made from strong plastic composite, and do a good job of levering stubborn tubeless tyres from wheel rims, as well as having a nice rounded profile to protect the tube.

The whole bike tool weighs just 92 grams and is 100mm in length; creating a compact little tool that would fit comfortably in any saddlebag or jersey pocket.

The only downside that I can find with the Victorinox Bike Tool is that it doesn't feature a chain tool. This is a shame, as it is one tool that I believe every rider should carry with them; a broken chain will undoubtedly end your ride if you cannot remove the old pin and fit a quick link. I have seen other small tools like this deliver a chain tool functionality, so I wonder slightly why Victorinox didn't build it into the design.

Overall though, this is a pleasingly superb Swiss tool. Bar the chain tool, it features all the tools you could need for most bike repairs and I also like the fact that you can remove the screwdriver bits to make it 'hand-luggage friendly' when flying. This is a great little addition to any cyclist's 'Every Ride Carry'. 


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