Review – Nomad Eyewear Airwave Cycling Sunglasses

Retro cool. That is the best way to describe the all-new Airwave Ulladulla sunglasses from UK brand Nomad Eyewear. With a frame made from 100% recycled plastic, and a fully polarised P8K™ lens; these are an affordable, protective, and stylish set of cycling glasses.

Nomad Eyewear have been making casual sunglasses for many years, but this recent foray into performance cycling eyewear is an exciting development. The brand has some impressive credentials and ideas; with all their glasses being carbon neutral, 100% UVA/UVB protective, and built to last with screwless hinges.

The Airwave glasses are designed to perform. They weigh a tiny 29-grams, feature a secure fitting rubber nose piece, and offer optional interchangeable lenses for different light conditions. As a complete package they are a set of glasses that you could comfortably use for riding all year round.

Sat comfortably and securely on your nose, the Nomad Airwave offers impressive coverage, as well as a distinctive retro style. They also come with a carry case, cleaning cloth, and microfibre pouch. 

Go anywhere. Ride everything.

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Nomad Eyewear Cycling Sunglasses

Nomad Eyewear Cycling Sunglasses

Nomad Eyewear Cycling Sunglasses

Nomad Eyewear Cycling Sunglasses

Nomad Eyewear Cycling Sunglasses

Disclaimer: Nomad Eyewear supplied a set of Airwave glasses for test and review


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