Review – Schwalbe Pro One Road Tyre / Aerothan Inner Tube

Schwalbe Pro One Tyre Review
There is no question—the Schwalbe Pro One Tyres are the best tubed bicycle tyres I have used to date. When combined with the new Schwalbe Aerothan Inner Tubes, the Pro One offers the feel, performance, and superlight weight that I have only experienced before in tubular or tubeless road tyres.

Schwalbe are not afraid to tout that they are onto something completely unique here. The Pro One tyres are the showcase of their unique new Souplesse construction, while the Aerothan Tubes are a revolution in tube production—created entirely from a plastic polymer.

So, what is this new tech? How does it improve performance and comfort?

Review – Schwalbe Pro One Road Tyres (Tubed Version) 

Schwalbe Pro One Tyres Review
The Schwalbe Pro One Road Tyres combine three of Schwalbe's unique technologies; to create a tyre that outperforms its predecessors and competitors by a significant margin. 

The first of these technologies is the Souplesse Carcass Construction. This development aims to supply the 'feel' of a tubular tyre, but in a clincher. Through their research, Schwalbe found that racing cyclists not only want a fast tyre, but a tyre that offers maximum suppleness or 'souplesse'; a tyre that responds to an individual riding style and offers feedback at all times. What they created was just that: Pro One tyres allow you to feel the road beneath you like no other clincher I have used; connecting you with the terrain and offering increased confidence and control.

To ensure maximum protection from punctures, Schwalbe built the Pro One tyres with their V-Guard Puncture Protection Belt. This liner is composed of polymer fibres that originate from bulletproof vest development; they are extremely light and supple but offer excellent protection against cuts and punctures. V-Guard Protection covers the whole of the tread of the tyre, so there are no weak spots to let obtrusions in.

To create the best grip and traction, Schwalbe Pro One Tyres use the brand's Addix Race Compound. This multi-density rubber and silica compound allows Schwalbe to tailor the compound's properties depending on the area of the tyre in which it is used; the sidewall and tyre shoulder compounds are tailored towards grip, while the central tread is built more towards durability and speed. Another clever example of developing a product to the exact demands of the end user.

Summing together the benefits of the above three technologies, it is clear to see how and why the Schwalbe Pro One is an exceptional example of a road cycling tyre: it rolls fast, it feels supple, it rarely punctures, and it grips the road like no other.

This is a clincher tyre that defies the standards previously seen in performance road bike tyres.

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Review – Schwalbe Aerothan Polymer Compound Inner Tubes 

Schwalbe Aerothan Polymer Inner Tube
The Schwalbe Aerothan Inner Tube redefines the boundaries of bicycle inner tubes, offering a lighter, more puncture proof, and faster rolling alternative.

The Aerothan Tube is completely composed of TPU polymers, welded together by a patented laser technology. Compared to butyl, latex, and other plastic inner tubes, this material and process creates a tube that is lighter, more resilient, more stable, and 100 percent recyclable.

The clear carcass of the Aerothan tube, along with its plastic valve, immediately indicate that Schwalbe have created something very unique here. Place the tube on the scales, and that is verified by an astonishingly low weight that is 40 percent lighter than Schwalbe's own Extra Light Tubes. This tube is on another scale, quite literally.

The Aerothan is not just light though, it is also performs better than any other kind of tube. This performance improvement is thanks to the manufacturing process that welds together the polymer structure with extremely flat seams, creating a closer fit with the carcass of the tyre, and a lower internal friction level. The result of this, is that the tube feels more supple and stable within the tyre—a feel more akin to a tubular or tubeless tyre setup.

Lighter, faster, and also more puncture proof. The third defining feature of the Aerothan is that it does not puncture like a normal butyl or latex tube. The Aerothan polymer is more resilient to wear and tear, but also when it does puncture, it bleeds air far more slowly than a rubber tube; keeping it shape rather than ballooning out through a whole or cut in the tyre carcass. This is fantastic news for confidence and control out on the road.

Made in Germany, in one of the world's top polymer factories, the Schwalbe Aerothan Tube is undeniably revolutionary. It is lighter, it offers the supple feel of a tubeless set-up, and it is more resilient and robust than any other inner tube that has come before it. 

Quite simply, this is the future of inner tube technology.


Schwalbe Pro One Tyre Review

Disclaimer: Schwalbe UK supplied Life In The Saddle with the Pro One Tyres and Aerothan Tube for test and review


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