Review – LITELOK X1 High Security Angle-Grinder Resistant Bicycle D-Lock

LITELOK X1 High Security Angle-Grinder Resistant Bicycle D-Lock
It is an unfortunate reality that bicycle theft is at an all-time high in the United Kingdom. Yet, brands such as UK-based LITELOK offer some hope – they have been pioneering a new technology to keep your bike safer, even in the highest risk areas. The new LITELOK X D-Lock offers unparalleled security, tested to be "up to 15 times more secure, yet lighter than the best performing D-lock on the market" thanks to its unique Barronium™ alloy construction.

The LITELOK X1 is the first bike lock I have come across that achieves the Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond and ART4 insurance-rated standards, it also meets the 'Police Preferred Specification' of Secured by Design (SBD); these ratings assure that this lock provides the best available protection to secure bicycles, e-bikes, motorcycles and scooters.

So, what makes the LITELOK unique?

The LITELOK X uses a three layer protection: A hardened fine-grain high-tensile steel core provides inner strength against multiple tool attacks such as bolt croppers, cable cutters, long bars, hammers, chisels and more. Then, LITELOK's patented anti-grinder armour Barronium™ is fused to the core and designed to wear down angle grinder discs. Finally, a soft plant-based eco-rubber is used on the outer – to avoid damage to bike frames, and provide additional cut resistance.

Barronium™ is the (patent pending) unique composite material that sets this lock apart from others. The material resists angle grinder attack by turning the grinder's energy and force on itself. Layers of Barronium™ are permanently fused to the lock's core in a specific geometry, so that attempts to attack it with an angle grinder wear down multiple grinder disks, batteries, and ultimately the grinder motor itself.

Other notable features of the UK made lock include retro-reflective detailing on the sides of the lock to help improve road presence in low light conditions. The LITELOK X1 is also designed with a rattle-free design, so you can say goodbye to that irritating D-lock rattle. Finally, the LITELOK X1 comes with a clever Twist+Go mount that fits any bike style, and firmly holds the LITELOK in place for transport.


To see if the LITELOK X1 really did live up to the hype, I decided to try it out in a real-life scenario: locking up one of my bikes at a train station for a ten day period, and seeing if it remained unscathed and untouched by theft attempts…

The test was a great success – almost an anti-climax – as on returning to the bike I found that it was intact, untouched, and still very well protected. I know that this train station (the name of which I will keep quiet for privacy reasons) is a hot spot for bicycle theft due to its lack of CCTV coverage and lack of late night trains or overnight closure. Yet, my vintage mountain bike, locked up with the LITELOK X1, remained protected.

This Diamond rated D-lock is the protection you need if you must leave your bike unattended in a high-risk area. At 1.7 kilograms it is no featherweight, but it is also not the heaviest bicycle lock on the market; and it means that you will have the weight of worry lifted off your shoulders when you do need to leave your bike unattended. This, is the ultimate lock-up-and-leave peace of mind.

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LITELOK X1 High Security Angle-Grinder Resistant Bicycle D-Lock

LITELOK X1 High Security Angle-Grinder Resistant Bicycle D-Lock

LITELOK X1 High Security Angle-Grinder Resistant Bicycle D-Lock

Disclaimer: LITELOK supplied an X1 D-Lock for test and review


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