Review – Aeropress GO Portable Coffee Maker

Aeropress GO Portable Coffee Maker | Tim Wiggins
When it comes to making coffee in the wild, the Aeropress has always been my preferred method. For bikepacking and bicycle touring trips it is the ultimate compact coffee maker. The new Aeropress GO is the brand’s innovation on the already superb design. The GO is smaller, lighter, and has some great functionality improvements.

Let us start with how it works… the same as the Aeropress: you place a paper filter in the perforated bottom cup of the chamber, then add scopes of fresh ground coffee to the chamber. You then pour boiled water into the chamber and use the provided stirrer to circulate the grounds. When you have left the mixture to brew for as long as you wish, you take the plunger and push the coffee through the filter into your mug.

With the new Aeropress GO the procedure is the same as with the original Aeropress, but there are a few slight changes in the instruments. To make things more compact, the scoop has a smaller handle, and stirrer is foldable; so, both fit inside the chamber for storage. The chamber itself is also smaller—enough for 3 ‘cups’ of coffee rather than five. The Aeropress GO set also comes in a neat plastic holder with a silicone lid; this can double up as a coffee cup and travel lid if you wish.

To sum up, the Aeropress GO is a smaller, more transportable, and more practical version of the original brilliant Aeropress Coffee Maker. It produces equally great coffee, with the same great ability to adapt your brew to make various flavours and strengths. It is just as easy to use, and produces just as satisfying and excellent coffee, even in the middle of nowhere.

… Oh yes, it still also does that great little trick of producing a compact puck of the used grounds that pops out of the chamber at the end of your brewing session. Winner.

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Aeropress GO Portable Coffee Maker | Tim Wiggins

Aeropress GO Portable Coffee Maker | Tim Wiggins

Aeropress GO Portable Coffee Maker | Tim Wiggins

Aeropress UK provided with an Aeropress GO for test and review


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