Review – Vittoria Terreno Mix GR 2.0 Tubeless Gravel Tyres

Review – Vittoria Terreno Mix Tubeless Gravel Tyres
The chalk download of the South Coast of the UK is a challenging testing ground for gravel tyres: in the dry, the trails are dusty and strewn with piercing flints; in the wet, the topsoil creates a slimy surface that tests any tyre to find grip.

The Vittoria Terreno Mix Graphene 2.0 Tubeless Tyres are one of the few tubeless gravel bike tyres that I have used, abused, and continued to be impressed by – riding in truly varied conditions in this challenging environment.

Summer gravel tyres are often semi-slick in profile: offering speed, flow and little rolling resistance. Mud tyres, by contrast, grip well in the slush, but are normally knobbly, noisy, and feel sluggish on any hardpack surface. Can a 'mixed' surface tyres really deliver a good compromise between grip and speed in wet and dry conditions, while also being puncture resistant and robust?

Vittoria's Terreno Mix Graphene 2.0 Tyres promise to provide the optimum compromise. The wide-spaced aggressive lugs offer cornering grip and traction in loose and wet conditions, while clearing mud with ease. The directional arrowed tread pattern and relatively lighter weight of the tyres means they roll well on dry and hardpack surfaces too. This is a tyre design that ticks many boxes.

I have been testing the Vittoria Terreno on both wet and dry days in the South Downs National Park; riding along dusty forest tracks one minute, then climbing/descending slippery rutted chalk trails the next. In a variety of conditions, the Vittoria Terreno have continued to excel – fast becoming one of the best gravel tyres I have used to date.

The Vittoria Terreno is also impressively puncture-proof. I have been testing the 700 x 38c tubeless version, set up with Muc-Off Tubeless Sealant, and over the course of three months of testing I have been surprised by their resilience and robustness. The relatively narrow 38c profile does mean that you need to pick your line more carefully on technical descents, so also avoiding some of the most vicious flints, but despite this the casing of the tyres does an admiral job of shrugging off cuts and thorns.

With their fast rolling centre ridge and open shoulder lugs, the Vittoria Terreno Mix provide a quick rolling tyre that also inspires confident braking and cornering, in a variety of trail conditions. The low rolling resistance also means they work well on hardpack surfaces and asphalt, so you can enjoy any surface in any weather. Vittoria’s Terreno Mix is a reliable companion if you want a 'do it all' fit-and-forget solution for gravel riding.


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