Book Review – 1001 Cycling Tips by Hannah Reynolds

1001 Cycling Tips by Hannah Reynolds
I have always enjoyed Hannah Reynold's writing. Much like me, she has dabbled in most disciplines of bike riding: from mountain bike racing to road criteriums; endurance cycling to utility cycling. Her depth of knowledge and years of experience are unpacked in her latest book '1001 Cycling Tips'.

1001 Cycling Tips is the essential cyclist's guide—to just about everything bike related. From choosing a bike, to training your fitness, using navigational apps, and exploring new cycling disciplines. Hannah provides her tips and advice through 1001 bullet point chunks, crammed into 150 pages, with some great colour photography.

The tips range from basic technique: "#900 ­– On easy, off-road descents the three key things to remember are: head up, weight back and heels down."

Through to deeper sports psychology: "#717: You can outperform your fitness, but if your head falls off in a ride or race it is game over, however good your legs are."

Plus, some great 'scientific reasoning cards': "#711: Hard exercise can leave your immune system suppressed and under strain; if you can, it is best to avoid busy, communal places in the hour after a ride when your body is most vulnerable (this is the golden excuse for not doing the weekly shop or going to B&Q on Saturday)" [Well, if it's written in black and white…]

1001 Cycling Tips would be the perfect gift for any cyclist that is looking to learn more about the world of cycling, the opportunities to explore new areas of the sport, and to improve their general riding strength and fitness. A great read.


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