Review – Moon Sport Aiolos Mini Bike Hand and Floor Pumps

Moon Sport AILOS Pro Bike Hand Pumps
Moon Sport have fast become one of my preferred brands for quality LED bicycle lights – you can see some of my past reviews of Moon Lights here. This year, the brand launched a new range of compact high-quality bicycle pumps; these mini hand pumps are built to the same superb quality level as the Moon Lights range; offering fast and efficient inflation, time and time again.

In this review, I look at three of the new pumps within the Moon range: the Aiolos Gauge MFP HP Mini Floor Pump, the Aiolos Gauge Pro High Pressure Hand Pump, and the Aiolos Pro High Pressure Hand Pump. They are all impressive in their own right.

Review – AIOLOS Gauge MFP HP (Mini Floor Pump - High Pressure)

The Moon Aiolos Gauge MFP HP is a high pressure mini floor pump – designed to offer rapid inflation for all kinds of bicycle tyres.

The pump is made of CNC machined aluminium, and instantly has a quality look and feel. A small kick-stand folds do to offer stability whilst pumping, and then a threaded hose coupling offers simple and leak-free connection to both presta and Schrader valves.

The Moon Aiolos Gauge MFP HP will pump up to an outstanding 210 PSI – far more than I would ever recommend you pump your bicycle tyres to. There is an inline pressure gauge that offers an approximate (not super accurate) measure of the current pressure, so to prevent over or under inflation. There is also a neat pressure release button on the base of the pump to allow you to regulate the pressure if you do over-inflate.

The Moon Ailos Gauge MFP HP is 320 mm in length and weights 184 grams. This makes it quite large for a hand pump, but positively tiny for a floor pump. For me, this kind of bicycle pump is perfect for travelling; you can put it in your bike box or bag, and it allows you to inflate your tyres quickly and accurately when you arrive at your destination.

Beautifully made, faultless in functionality, and built to last. The Moon Ailos Gauge MFP HP is a winner of a compact bicycle travel pump.

Review AIOLOS Gauge MFP High Pressure

Review AIOLOS Gauge MFP High Pressure

Review AIOLOS Gauge MFP High Pressure

Review AIOLOS Gauge MFP High Pressure

Review AIOLOS Gauge MFP High Pressure

Review – AIOLOS Gauge Pro HP (High Pressure) Hand Pump

The Moon Ailos Pro pumps are mini hand pumps measuring 21.5 centimetres in length, and perfect for stashing in a jersey pocket or alongside a bottle cage – for those moments when you need some extra air in your tyres to keep you rolling.

As with the Ailos mini floor pump, the Ailos Pro hand pumps are made from beautifully machined CNC aluminium, with a quality level that really feels like they are built to last. They feature a retractable hose with an adapter for both Presta and Schrader valves that has a threaded coupling for secure and leak-free fitting to the valve.

The Aiolos Gauge Pro HP has an inline pressure gauge to help you get a more accurate pressure in your tyres; again, this is a little jumpy, but it is a good guide to prevent drastic over or under inflation.

Both the Aiolos Gauge Pro and Aiolos Pro have a lockable handle, so if you choose to use the supplied plastic frame mounting to attach the pump netx to your bottle cage, then the handle doesn't end up somewhere near your bottle bracket.

Robust, strong, accurate and powerful. The Aiolos Pro models will pump up any tyre with ease, and can reach pressures of 160 PSI (please don't inflate your bike tyres to that!). These are one of the best compact bicycle hand pumps that I have used to date.

Review AIOLOS Gauge Pro High Pressure

Review AIOLOS Gauge Pro High Pressure

Review AIOLOS Gauge Pro High Pressure

Review AIOLOS Gauge Pro High Pressure

Disclaimer: Raleigh UK supplied a set of Moon Sport AIOLOS Pro Mini Bike Hand Pumps for test and review


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