Road Ride: 'My Every Ride Carry' - Spring 2016

Last year, I wrote a post on Cross Country Ride: 'My Every Ride Carry'; featuring all the kit that comes with me on a weekend trail outing. In this post, I turn to the tarmac, and what I would take with me on a weekend endurance road ride, or middle-distance event.

Wearable kit:

  • Kask Infinity Helmet
  • POC Do Blade AVIP Sunglasses
  • GripGrab Cycling Cap
  • GripGrab Windster Gloves
  • GripGrab HiVis HeadGlove
  • GripGrab HiVis Thermo Overshoes
These products have fast become my favourite kit accessories for autumn/springtime rides. The Kask Infinity helmet does a fantastic job of providing an enhanced shield from the cold. The POC Do Blade AVIP sunglasses, are perfect for giving added wind protection for your eyes, whilst their lenses are suitable for bright sunshine and dull days (Review of the POC Do Blade AVIP Glasses). Then, the GripGrab Windster Gloves, Hammerhead Overshoes, HiVis HeadGlove and GripGrab Cycling Cap, are ideal for shielding your vulnerable extremities from the wind, rain and cold.

On the bike:

  • Scicon Vortex 480 Saddlebag, containing:
    • 2 x Vittoria Inner Tubes
    • Spare Chainlink
    • Lezyne Tyre Boot
    • Muc-Off Lube Sample
    • Spare Rear Mech Hanger
    • Tyre Levers (integrated into saddlebag)
  • Bottles:
    • High5 Bottles
    • High5 Zero Tabs 
  • See.Sense ICON Lights 
  • Garmin Edge 1000
Housed on the bike, are a few more items from my Every Ride Carry. Safely housed in a Scicon Vortex 480 Saddlebag, are two tyre levers (built into the saddlebag's design), two Vittoria Inner Tubes, a spare quick-link, a Lezyne Tyre-Boot, a spare mech hanger, and a small sample of Muc-Off Lube - I hate squeaky chains! The See.Sense ICON Lights are the most intelligent lights that I have used, and I really believe they add to your presence on the road. My navigation and tracking comes in the form of the Garmin Edge 1000 computer.

Left-hand jersey pocket:

  • GoPro Camera
  • Gore Bike Wear Rescue Jacket
The transition seasons, and even summer Alpine events, are unpredictable at best. The new Gore Bike Wear Rescue Jacket is my defence mechanism. It packs down incredibly small, and utilises Windstopper technology to provide a barrier layer between you and the elements.  The GoPro is self-explanatory, and provides a great way to get quick on-the-fly photos.

Central jersey pocket:

  • Eleven Vélo Ride Pouch, containing:
    • Bellroy Slim Sleeve (containing cards, cash and key)
    • Lezyne SV11 Multi-tool
    • Sportique Lip Balm
    • HTC Desire 626 Smartphone
  • Lezyne Minipump
Housed safely in the neat and stylish Ride Pouch from Eleven Velo, I have my trusty Lezyne SV11 multi-tool, as well as the Bellroy Elements Sleeve for cash and cards. I also always carry a Sportique Lip Balm, because I get a problem with chapped lips. The Ride Pouch safely protects my HTC Desire, which as mentioned in my post 'Shooting From The Saddle', is a great option for photos. Wedged alongside the pouch, is my favourite mini-pump, from Lezyne.

Right-hand jersey pocket:

  • 1x MultiPower Protein 50 Bar
  • 1x LUCHO Dillitos Natural Energy Block
  • 1x Secret Training STEALTH Fruit Energy Gel
Finally, in my right hand pocket, I have my ride nutrition. The MultiPower Protein 50 bars contain a whopping 50 grams of whey protein, and just 2 grams of sugar; they tie in with my new nutrition strategy of lower-carbohydrate, higher-protein fuelling; as discussed in this post on 'The Benefits of Fuelling with Fat and Protein'. To provide a sugar boost towards the end of the ride, I take two options: a LUCHO Dillitos, which is a Columbian Guava snack that is super-tasty and 100 percent natural; as well as a Secret Training STEALTH Gel, which combines real fruit with rice starch for optimal absorption rates.

These are my essentials. They are items that I wouldn't go without: choices that have taken a long time to refine and optimise.

What features in your ERC? Comments below...
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